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Whitehall fraud pilots save £12m

The Cabinet Office says data-matching has helped its anti-fraud initiatives to stem huge losses from government funds. The government has said that three pilot projects aimed at tackling the £21bn lost each year through fraud and error have delivered £12m worth of savings in their first few months. According to an interim …
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Civil servants just can't keep a grip on their BlackBerrys

BlackBerrys have become the most lost or stolen item at the Department of Transport, a minister revealed yesterday, although thieves also seem to have a taste for heating fuel too. Under-Secretary of State for Transport Norman Baker produced a shopping list of items "recorded as lost by or stolen from DFT staff, from either on …
Joe Fay, 6 Apr 2011
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Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty

Analysis A massive increase in the number of traffic lights – and an un-discussed 2005 increase in the priority given to pedestrians – is gradually causing the roads to grind to a halt, according to a new report. In London for instance, despite a large number of motorists having been permanently deterred from driving by congestion …
Lewis Page, 28 Feb 2011

DfT spends £196m with IBM

IBM took five per cent of the money spent by the Department for Transport with its 100 biggest suppliers in 2009-10. Figures released by the department in response to a Freedom of Information request from Kable show that the technology company came second on its supplier list after construction firm Balfour Beatty. Genesys …
Kable, 14 Dec 2010
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Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging

A Department for Transport survey has found that more than half of UK adults believe that road charging should be based on usage. The finding is revealed in the DfT's survey of public attitudes to road congestion, published on 26 August 2010. Over four in five adults thought that congestion was a serious problem for the UK …
Kable, 27 Aug 2010
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DfT rounds up Road-Pricing 2.0 contractors

The UK government's rebranded road-pricing scheme took another lurch forward this week, as the Department for Transport announced the companies which will build pilot technology. The Financial Times reports today that the DfT has named T-Systems (part of Deutsche Telekom), Trafficmaster, Sanef Tolling of France and US firm …
Lewis Page, 16 Sep 2008
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UK launches major road signage review

Transport minister Rosie Winterton has announced a major review of the UK's road signs, and is inviting the unwashed masses to chip in their two bits' worth as to how Blighty's signage might be improved. As the Department for Transport press release explains, the review will "will ensure that traffic signs keep pace with the …
Lester Haines, 15 Sep 2008

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