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GE puts new Nvidia tech through its paces, ponders HPC future

A top General Electric techie gave a presentation at the GPU Technology Conference this week in San José, California, and discussed the benefits of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for InfiniBand and its companion GPUDirect method of linking GPU memories to each other across InfiniBand networks. And just for fun, the GE tech …
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North America makes entry into dino fatty league

Seems like Americans have been fatties for longer than we thought. The heaviest creature to have walked on land lived in New Mexico circa the Late Cretaceous period, according to an article by Montana State Uni researchers. Until now Alamosaurus sanjuanensis was only thought to have lived in South America. But after …
Anna Leach, 08 Dec 2011

Nvidia stretches CUDA coding to ARM chips

Nvidia's new CUDA 5.5 release aims to overcome the inherent mathematical suckiness of the ARM architecture by unleashing the powers of GPUs working in conjunction with those popular low-power chips – and not just ones from Nvidia. Nvidia is working on its own implementation of a 64-bit ARM processor, code-named Project Denver, …

Holographic storage biz files for Chapter 11

If you listened hard you might have heard a thin scream of despair as holographic storage developer InPhase Technologies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. Bart Stuck, of Signal Lake, the venture capital fund that owns the assets of InPhase, has been struggling to keep the company alive after his VC snapped up …
Chris Mellor, 19 Oct 2011
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Gamers stuff Nvidia's pockets with cash

The latest round of high-def video games for PCs – namely Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and the impending launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic – have saved graphics chip maker Nvidia from being slammed by a slowdown in PC sales. In fact, explained Nvidia in a conference with Wall Street analysts call going over …

Green supercomputer benchmarks make boffins see red, check blueprints

The biannual Green500 list of the most energy-efficient supercomputers has broken new ground in two important ways: for the first time an HPC system broke the 4 gigaflops per watt barrier, and also for the first time all the top 10 systems benefitted from GPU acceleration. Then there's a third bit of note: the benchmarks are …
Rik Myslewski, 21 Nov 2013
Block diagram of Nvidia's Echelon exascale system

Nvidia Tesla bigwig: Why you REALLY won't need x86 chips soon

Life is what happens when you are trying to do other things, as the old saying goes. Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia has been perfectly honest about the fact that the graphics chip maker didn't intend to get into the supercomputing business. Rather, it was founded by a bunch of gamers who wanted better graphics …
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Robotic High Noon in Colorado

Denver police earlier this week demonstrated the efficiency of their killbot emergency protocol by terminating a robotic potential threat to national security. According to TheDenverChannel, a concerned motorist raised the alarm at 3.30pm on Wednesday when he spotted a toy robot which had been "crudely" cemented to the base of a …
Lester Haines, 03 Dec 2010
Bird's eye view of the proposed new Nvidia HQ

Nvidia plans new 'reptile HQ' to match its IT aggressiveness

Move over Apple. Nvidia cofounder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang wants to build his own futuristic space-station campus – and as you might expect, the Nvidia design is black and green and built from triangles, the basic building block of the mathematics around graphics processing. And, as it turns out, the strongest shape in …

Dell exec tells El Reg: Privatization has fired up 'world's largest startup'

There's a lot of business-building freedom to be gained by escaping the tyranny of the Wall Street moneymen and turning your company into "the world's largest startup," a Dell exec tells The Reg. When a company goes through a major transition as Dell has in its recent oh-so-public wrestling match with activist investor Carl …
Rik Myslewski, 26 Nov 2013
SGI Ice Cube Dual Row Container

US govt cuts squeeze crucial computer science, shoot country in foot

The US is shooting itself in the return-on-investment foot by tightening the screws on support for research on advanced computing systems. That was the message expressed loud and clear by a trio of HPC heavyweights during a "Retrospective on Supercomputing Technologies" session celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SC13 …
Rik Myslewski, 22 Nov 2013

Can't wait for Nvidia? Try these Italian baby ARM clusters with GPU options

Nvidia has made no secret about wanting to be a player in the supercomputer racket both on the GPU and CPU sides of a hybrid system. The company launched "Project Denver" nearly two years ago to create a Nvidia-branded chip, which will see Denver ARM processors timed to market with the future "Maxwell" GPUs two years from now. …
Google sign outside Mountain View headquarters

Ex-Cray supercomputer interconnect guru Scott leaves Nvidia for Google

Steve Scott, the system interconnect expert who was the lead designer for the three most current generations of node-lashing routers and server interconnect interfaces for Cray supercomputers, has a new gig at hyperscale data center operator Google. For the past two years, Scott has been the chief technology officer for Nvidia's …
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Copyright troll sues for ownership of Drudge Report domain

A copyright enforcer that's filed more than 180 complaints against websites for quoting all or parts of newspaper articles is suing for ownership of the Drudge Report's domain. In a federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Righthaven sued the venerable gossip website for posting a picture originally published by The Denver Post. In a …
Dan Goodin, 10 Dec 2010
Nvidia is taking hybrid computing another step forward with its Kayla card

Calm a CARMA drama chameleon: Barça super waves ARMs, GPUs

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a steadily growing buzz surrounding the use of ARM processors in PCs, servers and supercomputers. Here, at this year's GPU Technology Conference in California, that buzz is even more pronounced. This is due to Nvidia's upcoming 64-bit "Project Denver" ARM cores, and advances in its graphics …

Team Utah grabs Mini Iron crown at little cluster compo

Until this year, the annual SC Student Cluster Competition focused entirely on seeing how much work teams of university students could wring out of 26 amps of juice. They can use any hardware/software combination that will run the required apps; the only limitation is that their configuration has to be shipping by the time of …
SGI logo hardware close-up

SGI rejigs financing ahead of possible asset sale

Supercomputer and dense-pack server maker Silicon Graphics has rejiggered its credit facility with Wells Fargo Capital Finance ahead of a possible sale of intellectual property or other assets. In an 8K filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, SGI said that it had amended its credit agreement with Wells Fargo, …
A storm is brewing (Mali, Sahel). Foto: F. Guichard & L. Kergoat, AMMA project, CNRS copyright.

Verizon puffs up Terremark cloud over London and Dallas

It has been two years since telecom behemoth Verizon shelled out $1.4bn to buy cloud computing partner Terremark. And since that time, this poster child for VMware's vCloud wares has been pretty quiet as corporate types work to absorb it into the telco and realize the $500m in "synergies" – that means cross-selling and cost- …

'Australia's so big freight costs are high' claims don't add up

One of the fallback positions of IT vendors defending their high Australian prices has been to remind Australia that shipping and transport are expensive here. So, ever your servant – and confronted with the kind of slow-news-day syndrome that can happen only when America is still busy trying to identify which stories were April …
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Microsoft to open 32 pop-up retail stores for the holidays

Whenever Apple opens a new retail store, it's a major event with fanbois lining up to be the first to grace its stone tile floors. By comparison, Microsoft's foray into the retail market will be a quiet affair – almost tentative – beginning with 32 pop-up stores to open in the US and Canada for the holiday season. Microsoft has …
Neil McAllister, 10 Sep 2012
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Righthaven stripped of rights

The corpse of copyright troll Righthaven may have given its last twitch, with a US judge relieving the company of the only thing it had to work with: copyright. Unable to pay its debts, Righthaven has been ordered by a Las Vegas federal judge to relinquish both its copyrights and its trademark, reports Vegas Inc. Before any …
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ARM server hype ramps faster than ARM server chips

If I didn't have to man El Reg's systems desk for a paycheck and had a little venture capital to blow, I might start a company called Leg Systems, headquartered on the Isle of Man – not because of its tax haven status (which is eroding), but because my company would sell ARM-based systems and say that we wouldn't charge an arm …
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Reefer madness blasts pot machine maker's stock sky high

The management of marijuana dispensing machine manufacturer Medbox has asked investors to chill out and get a grip after the company's stock suddenly rose 3,000 per cent to over $215. "While we are pleased by the share attention, Medbox shares have traded between $2.75 and $3.45 over the past several months," said CEO Bruce …
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2012
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Nvidia to take on Intel with PC-centric ARM chip

Move over, Intel, here comes Nvidia. Not with an x86 CPU - though rumours to that effect have been rippling through the chip biz for years - but an ARM-based offering aimed at PCs, workstations and even servers. Yes, the as-yet-unnamed processor - it's codenamed 'Project Denver' - will not be pitched at mobile devices, the …
Tony Smith, 05 Jan 2011

Cluster cake pulled open: Oozes cores, GPU gravy, mineral oil

At last, I can reveal the final configurations of the systems the SC12 Student Cluster Competition (SCC) warriors brought to Salt Lake City last week. Here’s the gear they were running… First, kudos to all of the sponsors who generously provided so much equipment at no cost to the cluster crown competitors. (There isn’t a real …
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Supremes: Congress can extend copyright terms if it wants to

The US Supreme Court has rejected a case that argued that works whose copyright terms have once expired should remain in the public domain, even if the term of copyright is subsequently extended to cover them again. This has become a familiar sight in recent years. As copyright terms have been extended, works whose copyright had …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jan 2012
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Nvidia forges ARM chip for PCs and servers

The ARM race for the data center just got a whole lot more interesting. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nvidia announced that it is indeed working on a CPU and that the chip is based on the ARM RISC architecture that's wickedly popular in smartphones and tablets. In other words, it's not a low-powered x64 chip. In …
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AT&T's megablunder payout revealed

Details of AT&T's "we screwed the pooch" payout to Deutsche Telekom over the failed T-Mobile USA acquisition have emerged, and right ... about ... now ... AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson should be barricading himself in his corner office as pitchfork-brandishing shareholders demand his head on a platter. First off, …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Dec 2011

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

Microsoft has decided to backtrack on Windows 8 and loosen the Metro straitjacket the new OS applies to the traditional desktop. This U-turn is being described by commentators as Microsoft’s ""New Coke Moment" – where a business drops a brand-new flavour and reverts to the trusted and loved old recipe following a backlash from …
Gavin Clarke, 08 May 2013
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Colorado vampire drives woman into canal

An unnamed Colorado woman whose SUV ended up in a canal blamed the mishap on a vampire, 9news.com reports. The chilling Nosferatu incident happened on a dirt road in Mesa County, west of Denver. The driver told Colorado State Patrol operatives "she saw the vampire in front of her car so she put her SUV into reverse and went into …
Lester Haines, 01 Jul 2010
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Xpress yourself: Quark sold to M&A outfit

Desktop publishing software maker Quark has been acquired by Platinum Equity for an undisclosed sum. The Denver, Colorado-based vendor, whose most popular product was QuarkXpress back in the mid-'90s, was bought by the Ebrahimi family in 2000 from the company's founder Tim Gill, according to MacWorld. In contrast to recent …
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Aug 2011

Vid: EXTREME computer sports: Meet the cluster war winners

The 2012 Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is in the books and we have all of the results, right here, right now. First, as was released earlier, China’s Team NUDT ran away with the Highest LINPACK Award, an SCC record 3.014 Teraflop/s score. Their compatriots, Team USTC, locked in second place with 2.793 Teraflops/s, and the …
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What vegetables are best for growing in Spaaace?

It's a question that must have vexed many space-loving gardeners over the years: Just what kinds of vegetables are most suitable for growing in space or at far-flung bases on alien worlds? Now, that question has a definitive answer. At a conference in America*, scientists have announced their top 10 plants, chosen for such …
Lewis Page, 30 Aug 2011
Cat 5 cable

Nvidia ditches homegrown C/C++ compiler for LLVM

Graphics processor and SoC chip maker Nvidia is hosting its GTC Asia conference in Beijing this week, and with the next-generation Kepler GPUs being pushed out to early next year, there isn't any new chippery to salivate over. But Nvidia has some new compilers and a revved up CUDA development kit to make things interesting just …

Samsung forging ARM server chips?

The Wall Street Journal has played a variant of "connect the dots" using LinkedIn profiles of chip techies formerly at AMD and now working at Samsung Electronics across town in Austin, Texas, and has come to the conclusion that Samsung is getting ready to jump into the server-processor market with derivatives of the ARM RISC …
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Google tracks inflation with interwebs data

Google is developing a new-age price index that uses the company's epic collection of web shopping data to provide an alternative means of calculating inflation. Whereas the official Consumer Price Index provides a monthly measure of inflation based on data collected by more traditional means, the Google Price Index churns out …
Cade Metz, 13 Oct 2010
homeless man with sign

Fugitive spammer in murder-suicide

Fugitive spammer Eddie Davidson shot his wife and infant daughter dead on Thursday before turning the gun on himself - four days after going AWOL from a minimum security prison. Police responding to reports of gunfire in the small town of Bennett, Colorado found Davidson along with his wife Amy Lee Ann Hill, 29, and three-year- …
John Leyden, 25 Jul 2008
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Google flight search engine lifts off

Google has launched its flight search service, five months after sealing the acquisition of flight-data outfit ITA Software. Unveiled on Tuesday with a blog post, the service is a means of searching airline schedules. If you type "flights from Chicago to Denver" into Google's main search engine, for example, a "Flights" link ( …
Cade Metz, 14 Sep 2011
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Web wags stage IE 6 funeral

The unsung comic geniuses of the web are holding a mock funeral for Microsoft's decrepit IE 6 browser software later on Thursday. The IE 6 Funeral site announced on Monday that the browser "passed away" in a workplace injury (a reference to the role the eight-year-old browser played in the Operation Aurora attack against Google …
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2010
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Google network chief jumps to ... Microsoft

Vijay Gill – the man who oversaw The Google Network – is now at Microsoft, according to sources familiar with his move. According to Gill's LinkedIn profile, he departed Google last month, and though neither Google nor Microsoft will comment on his departure, sources tell The Register that he has moved to Redmond. Vijay Gill …
Cade Metz, 03 Jun 2011
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eCrime cops charge 12 over iTunes royalty 'fraud'

The Metropolitan Police's eCrime unit has charged 12 people with fraud and money laundering offences connected to iTunes. The 12 have been charged with various offences after an investigation carried out with help from the FBI. The alleged fraud involved the use of a US firm to upload tracks to iTunes and Amazon, and the use of …
John Oates, 23 Aug 2010
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Lindsay Lohan to pull off Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lohan has landed what has been described as "one of the most challenging roles any actor could play" - that of portraying 1970s grumble flick star Linda Lovelace. According to Variety, talented 24-year-old thespiatrix Lohan will interpret the Deep Throat pornstress for an indie production entitled Inferno, concentrating …
Lester Haines, 05 May 2010
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Clearwire cuts 15 per cent of staff

Clearwire is laying off staff as it tries to eke out its funds until it starts making money. Clearwire launched its New York service this week, apparently with the last of its reserves as the company is now pulling back on advertising and retail expansion, and will be laying off 15 per cent of it near-on 3,000 staff to save …
Bill Ray, 05 Nov 2010
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Google wheels (another) Trojan App inside Microsoft Office

Google has officially released its tool for turning Microsoft Office into an online Google collaboration machine. In late November, Mountain View introduced a beta version of Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, an Office plugin that lets users collaborate on Microsoft files via Google's backend infrastructure. Now, the …
Cade Metz, 24 Feb 2011
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Microsoft sends flowers to IE6 funeral

Microsoft sent flowers to last night's IE6 funeral, thanking the browser for "all the good times." The nine-year-old IE6 was laid to rest yesterday in Denver, Colorado, after suffering a "workplace injury" at the offices of a certain search giant in Mountain View, California. Mourners unable to attend were asked to send flowers …
Cade Metz, 05 Mar 2010

FalconStor may have morale problem

The Reg' has been told by reputable people familiar with FalconStor that staff are leaving and both morale and confidence in senior management is very low. FalconStor says nothing untoward is happening at all and that it's successfully refocussing the company towards increased sales of branded products through the channel. …
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2010
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Feds uncover 'bust out' scam that cost banks $80m

Federal authorities have uncovered an elaborate organized crime ring they say recruited some 700 immigrants from the former Soviet Union to defraud banks and other creditors of more than $80m. According to documents filed in US District Court in Denver, the organizers hired the immigrants to be pawns in what's known as a "bust …
Dan Goodin, 19 Aug 2009

Nvidia: An unintended exascale-super innovator

Jen-Hsun Huang, one of the cofounders of graphics-chip maker Nvidia, never intended to be a player in the supercomputing racket. But his company is now at the forefront of the CPU-GPU hybrid computing revolution that is taking the HPC arena by storm as supercomputing centers try to cram as much math into as small a power budget …

ARM's Intel challenger set for 2012 release

ARM Holdings' high-performance, low-power Cortex-A15 processor design will appear in products in late 2012 or early 2013, when it will begin to muscle in on territory long dominated by Intel's x86 architecture. "With our upcoming Cortex-A15 processor, we are definitely moving closer to the day when your smartphone or tablet can …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Apr 2011
Broken CD with wrench

Without Meyer, what will AMD do next?

Things seemed poised to turn around for AMD in 2011. But the abrupt departure of CEO Dirk Meyer on Monday afternoon – at the exact same time that rivals Intel and Nvidia ceased their hostilities and a week after Nvidia jumped into the processor racket – indicates that AMD's board of directors sees challenges that aren't obvious …