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GET pwned: Web CCTV cams can be hijacked by single HTTP request

An insecure web server embedded in more than 35 models of internet-connected CCTV cameras leaves devices wide open to hijacking, it is claimed. The gadgets can be commandeered from the other side of the world with a single HTTP GET request before any password authentication checks take place, we're told. If your camera is one …
Dell XPS 15

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

Analysis Dell ships Windows computers with software that lets websites slurp up the machine's exact specifications, warranty status, and other details without the user knowing. This information can be used to build a fingerprint that potentially identifies a person while she browses across the web. It can be abused by phishers and …
Shaun Nichols, 25 Nov 2015

Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie

Updated The rogue root certificate in new Dell computers – a certificate that allows people to be spied on when banking and shopping online – will magically reinstall itself even when deleted. El Reg can confirm that the eDellRoot root CA cert, discovered over the weekend, automatically reappears when removed from the Windows …
Shaun Nichols, 23 Nov 2015
Dell Inspiron 15-7537

Superfish 2.0: Dell ships laptops, PCs with huge internet security hole

Dell ships computers with all the tools necessary for crooks to spy on the owners' online banking, shopping, webmail, and more. The US IT titan installs a powerful root CA certificate, including its private key, on its Windows notebooks and desktops. These can be abused by eavesdropping miscreants to silently decrypt encrypted …
Shaun Nichols, 23 Nov 2015

Dell feels cold probe of US Dept of Justice amid Syria PC sales claims

US authorities are investigating claims of embargo-busting sales of Dell computers to the Syrian government. It is understood officials at the US Department of Justice (DoJ) are looking into allegations that the equipment was resold into the blood-stained nation despite strict trade sanctions. The probe was revealed this week …
Gavin Clarke, 10 Dec 2013

Anonymous claims Parliament Wi-Fi hack during London protest

Anonymous hacktivists have claimed they used laptops to launch cyber attacks against the British government whilst attending a protest in Parliament Square last week, The Register has learned. The group claimed that over 1,000 masked protesters had gathered in the centre of London last week as part of a worldwide event called …
Jasper Hamill, 12 Nov 2013
Dell Alienware M18x

Dell Alienware M18x 18.4in gaming notebook

Review Last year, Dell added to its Alienware laptop family and simultaneously expanded the definition of ultra-portables with the tiny-beefcake M11x. This year's new addition, the flagship M18x, now expands the other end of the spectrum. Dell Alienware M18x Big player: Dell's Alienware M18x Labelling this colossus a desktop …
Andrew Bailey, 02 Sep 2011
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'Della': Dell's very special site for women

Fear not the musty, masculine stench and wet towel snapping at Dell's regular website, lady shoppers. The computer giant has baked up a very special separate place for your delicate female sensibilities! Dell launched a new site this week geared specifically towards women, called Della. Yes indeed. If you thought computer …
Austin Modine, 12 May 2009

Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

Dell is suing a former licensed US reseller,, claiming "repeated and blatant violations" of its resale contract, including trademark infringement, misleading representation, unfair competition, and false advertising. In an April 17 lawsuit filed by Dell in New York district court, Tiger is accused of - among …
Austin Modine, 23 Apr 2009
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There's no riddle to Dell's Limerick move

Comment As the shockwaves of Dell's dreaded but expected withdrawal from Limerick manufacturing reverberate around Ireland's mid-west region, some lessons are emerging. The big theme emerging in many reports and commentaries is that the boom in semi-skilled assembly line jobs is well and truly over. There doesn't appear to be any …
Chris Mellor, 11 Jan 2009
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Michael Dell sells you some s**t you don't need

Fail and You Michael Dell will never miss an opportunity to sell you some shit you don't need. Attendees of this year's Dreamforce conference saw a first hand demonstration of this, having to sit through about an hour's worth of of Dell's Always-Be-Closing pitch. Trying his hardest to look like Steve Jobs, Dell successfully turned the …
Ted Dziuba, 10 Nov 2008

Dell rapped for £60 delivery charge on £200 laptop

Dell has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for not making it clear enough that a laptop would incur a £60 delivery charge. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the charge "added significantly" to the cost of the computer. In a direct mail advert for Dell computers a £199 laptop computer was offered for …
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 May 2008
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Tesco to start flogging Dell computers

Tesco has clasped Dell to its sizeable retail bosom, and will begin punting the firm's computers from next month. Closely following DSGi, which last week inked a similar deal with the PC giant, Tesco will be dishing out Dell XPS desktops and Inspiron notebooks to its huge customer base. The retailer will also flog Dell …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Dec 2007

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

DSGi has inked a fat pan-European deal with Dell to punt the firm's notebooks and desktops in stores across 12 countries including the UK. Under the agreement UK customers will be able to buy Dell goods in Dixons, Currys, PC World and online from January next year. Elsewhere in Europe the products will be sold through DSGi …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Dec 2007

Dell puckers up to Carrefour

Computer giant Dell said today that it has given Carrefour the go-ahead to punt its notebooks and desktop PCs to three locations in the European market. Dell, which for many years shunned the channel in favour of spouting its direct sales-only biz mantra, abandoned its so-called "religion" in May this year in the hope of …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Nov 2007
Michael Dell

Michael Dell 'not involved' in accounting fraud

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers said Wednesday he was not involved in any of the accounting monkeyshines uncovered during an internal probe at the company. Dell's remarks at the Citigroup technology conference in New York is the first time he has publicly commented on his participation — or lack of participation — in the …
Austin Modine, 06 Sep 2007
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Dell expands Japanese retail deal

Dell is increasing its retail presence in Japan, extending a deal it has had with Bic Camera stores since 2000. Previously, Japanese customers could order Dell computers at in-store kiosks but not actually pick up a machine. But from early next month Dell machines will be available to pick up and take away from 22 Bic Camera …
John Oates, 30 Jul 2007

Dell finally switches on PC network in Glasgow schools

Dell has finished a managed education service piped to schools in Glasgow a mere four weeks after it was due. The PC firm's tardiness left children in 177 primary schools without computers for nearly two weeks. According to a spokeswoman at Glasgow City Council, schools were expecting to be using their shiny new Dell …
Mark Ballard, 27 Apr 2007
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Michael Dell slams India's PC taxes

Dell Computers wants to expand its PC market in India, but insists that the country's high tariffs on PCs must go. Chairman and CEO Michael Dell met Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other top officials while at the Confederation of Indian Industry's CEO forum in hopes to push the government to see it his way. Dell …
Austin Modine, 20 Mar 2007

Dell to offer Linux with desktops, laptops

Dell users may soon have the choice of having Linux pre-installed on their machines, according to a statement on the technology company's website. The PC maker launched its feedback website, Dell Idea Storm, in mid-February, and was inundated with requests for the Linux operating system and productivity software suite …
Ciara O'Brien, 28 Feb 2007

Dell to offer Linux with its desktops and laptops

Dell users may soon have the choice of having Linux pre-installed on their machines, according to a statement on the technology company's website. The PC maker launched its feedback website, Dell Idea Storm, in mid-February, and was inundated with requests for the Linux operating system and productivity software suite …
Ciara O'Brien, 28 Feb 2007
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Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

Networks of of compromised PCs are threatening the smooth operation of the internet, the World Economic Forum was told this week. Up to a quarter of online computers are virus-infected components in botnet networks of PCs under the control of hackers, according to net luminary Vint Cerf. Cerf, who co-developed the TCP/IP …
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2007
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Bloggers turn to Sadville to fabricate child traumas

And ninthly Was Daniel Sadville a knight with a moral compass wound tight or one of those pagan spiritualists out to make a huckster from anything that moved? That's what the audience wanted to know - just before they pulled out the tomatoes and the jackhammers - Julio Stantore, Large Gland Weeping My recent "How to help bloggers restore …
Otto Z. Stern, 29 Nov 2006
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Qantas clamps down on fire-breathing Dells

Australian airline Qantas has issued guidelines to those passengers taking their lives into their hands by powering up a Dell laptop with a potentially fire-breathing battery while on board. The company has declared that "although passengers would be allowed to carry their Dells either as checked or cabin baggage, they could …
Lester Haines, 23 Aug 2006
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Dell TV ad banned

Dell Computers has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority for a misleading telly ad. According to the ASA, Dell ran a TV advert including the line: "Whatever you need a PC for, Dell has the one you want for less than you might expect. Right now get this Dell Inspiron notebook featuring an Intel Celeron processor for …
John Oates, 02 Aug 2006

Dell's redundant server strategy: more details

Earlier this week we passed on the story of a customer phoning Dell Computers and asking for something to link two PCs. Dell sold them a server and is currently refusing all requests for a refund. Dell says orders placed through its business channel are not eligible for return or refund. We can now reveal that not only did Dell …
John Oates, 15 Mar 2006
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Dell, prisoner of the Beast of Redmond

Dell has a long history - regularly documented in these pages - of not quite getting behind Linux on the desktop. Dell Linux machines do pop up every now and again, but what desktop efforts there are find themselves first consigned to obscure corners of the operation, then disappeared, no doubt because of lack of demand. Why is …
John Lettice, 03 Sep 2004
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A visit from the FBI

Well, it finally happened. Right before Christmas, I had a little visit from the FBI, writes SecurityFocus columnist Scott Granneman. That's right: an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to see me. He had some things he wanted to talk about. He stayed a couple of hours, and then went on his way. Hopefully he got …
Scott Granneman, 28 Jan 2004
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Dell Dude collared in marijuana bust

Ben Curtis, the 22-year actor who plays Steven, the Dell Guy in the TV ads, was arrested in New York at the weekend for marijuana possession. How long before the Winona Defence is wheeled into gear: I was only researching a part, your honour. The Dell Guy, is unknown to most people in the UK, except for saddo business-types who …
Drew Cullen, 10 Feb 2003
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On penis burns, red hot laptops – and badgers

Letters Man burns penis with laptop The sorry tale of the 50 year-old victim prompted a bulging postbag including this outpouring of sympathy from Henry Keultjes: I pitty a guy who has that little sensitivity in his pecker. Which begs the question: what is Henry made of? Dr Jon Jenkins, from Australia notes: I thought I would just …
Drew Cullen, 29 Nov 2002
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‘Six million crystal tubes’ in China's first CPU

China's first CPU - the existence of which was first reported a year ago - has made its debut, according the People's Daily. The Dragon boasts the power of a 486, according to an earlier communique issued by the Chinese Ministry of Technology, and thanks to a charming mistranslation we learn that it features "six million …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Sep 2002
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Dell Computers are American – official

After a long and tortuous process of deliberation, US Customs has decided that Dell's notebook computers are American. Even though in one of the computers under examination, the chassis is from Taiwan, the hard disk from Thailand, the floppy disk drive and power supply are from China, the CD-ROM is from Japan, and the memory …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Sep 2002
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More ‘Palm ate my PC’ cases emerge

Palm's line on the 'Palm ate my PC' affair is clear-cut: "Palm is not aware of any HotSync operation that will cause damage to computer motherboards," said a company spokeswoman late last week. However, comments from Register readers in the PC repair and tech support business suggest otherwise and that we were perhaps hasty in …
Tony Smith, 13 Aug 2001
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Hi-tech Titans meet privately with Dubya

US President-elect George Dubya Bush convened an economic summit in Austin, Texas this week, during which he joyously received the Big Swinging Dicks of American high technology behind closed doors. The guest list read like a who's who in IT: Michael Dell of Dell Computers; John Chambers of Cisco; Lou Gerstner of IBM; Scott …
Thomas C Greene, 05 Jan 2001
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Intel price drops no trickle treat

Evidence is emerging that the price cuts Intel has made on its microprocessors in the month of February are not percolating through to consumers as quickly as normal. Yesterday we reported that there is a big shortage of boxed Intel Coppermine units in the channel, and one dealer said that the price had actually risen over the …
Mike Magee, 01 Feb 2000
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Storming performance from Psion Dacom

Psion Dacom reported 79 per cent sales growth in the first half of 1998. Sales rose to $40.5 million, up from $22.6 million in the same period last year. The company said that this reflected rapid expansion of all its major markets worldwide, and was optimistic about its future prospects. Psion Dacom has established partnerships …
Lucy Kewney, 15 Sep 1998