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Ofcom set to fatten up London's White Space TV spectrum

Next year Londoners will get access to 72MHz of unlicensed radio spectrum, all in the prime sub-1GHz band, as Ofcom prepares to open the TV airwaves to anyone with a database handy. Ofcom's new consultation on opening up White Space frequencies shows London as the biggest winner thanks to the presence of the Crystal Palace …
Bill Ray, 9 Sep 2013
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Ofcom: High-speed hookups still a UK monopoly - except in London

In a cascade of acronyms Ofcom has proposed price caps on high-speed leased-line connections: but only outside London where competition is having a hard time getting a foothold. Ofcom's consultation argues that within the capital BT's dominance in leased connectivity is being successfully challenged, and by "the capital" Ofcom …
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2012
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Local radio stations band together against DAB

Ofcom's DAB consultation is supposed to be about measuring coverage and assigning multiplexes, but more than 50 local radio stations have teamed up to voice their frustration over the whole process. The consultation was published back in June, including questions about how FM and DAB coverage should be measured and whether …
Bill Ray, 22 Sep 2011
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US, EU tech trade row gets serious

The US has made a formal request for the World Trade Organisation to review technology import definitions which it accuses the EU of using for protectionist purposes. The row has been going on for some time over the issue of definitions included in the International Technology Agreement. The US government accuses Europe of …
John Oates, 20 Aug 2008
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Nominet changes 'fail to cut main cost of domain name disputes'

The body in charge of the .uk internet domain has announced changes to its dispute resolution policies that will make it cheaper to win unopposed disputes but will not address the high cost of preparing cases. Nominet has published the policy changes that have resulted from two consultations. One of the main changes allows …
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Jul 2008
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Phorm failed to mention 'illegal' trials at Home Office meeting in 2007

Exclusive The Home Office held a private meeting with Phorm in August last year, but BT's interception and profiling partner did not disclose that it had completed an allegedly illegal trial of its technology on tens of thousands of unwitting broadband subscribers just weeks earlier. Senior civil servant Andrew Knight revealed the …

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