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An original member of the System/360 family announced in 1964, the Model 50 was the most powerful unit in the medium price range.

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50

IBM's System 360 mainframe, celebrating its 50th anniversary on Monday, was more than a just another computer. The S/360 changed IBM just as it changed computing and the technology industry. The digital computers that were to become known as mainframes were already being sold by companies during the 1950s and 1960s - so the S …
Gavin Clarke, 07 Apr 2014
Osborne 1

Happy 75th birthday, Adam Osborne

Dig through enough archives, old texts, magazine ads or historical archives and you're bound to see one: a bulky plastic oddity that looks vaguely like a portable sewing machine, save for a detachable keyboard and miniscule display sticking out of the front. This clumsy, unwieldy behemoth is the Osborne I, and the story of its …
Shaun Nichols, 06 Mar 2014
Acorn's Electron

Acorn’s would-be ZX Spectrum killer, the Electron, is 30

Archaeologic The Sinclair Spectrum made the Acorn Electron inevitable. In June 1982, less than two months after Sinclair had unveiled the Spectrum - which had still not shipped, of course, even though Sinclair had promised the first Spectrums would be in punters’ hands by the end of May - Acorn co-founder Hermann Hauser was heard talking …
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2013

On International Woman's Day we remember Grace Hopper

Feature Once again some of the world is celebrating International Woman's Day (IWD), and it's time to reflect on great female role models. Ada Lovelace usually grabs most of the attention but I'd like to use IWD as an excuse to pay a tribute to a personal female hero of computing: US Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. Amazing Grace was in at …
Iain Thomson, 09 Mar 2013
DataCore CEO George Teixeira and chairman Ziya Aral

Can a 'one-trick' software firm survive in era of converged engorgement?

Why is DataCore the only dedicated software SAN virtualisation appliance vendor left standing? The answer lies in a skewed revenue geographic model, staff majority ownership of the company and a fair amount of luck. It's also down to a solid product, though other companies with great products have failed where DataCore did not …
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 2012
Osborne 1

The Osborne 1: 30 years old this month

The Osborne 1, the world's first commercially produced computer designed to be portable, is 30 years old this month. Adam Osborne, founder of the Osborne Computer Corporation, introduced the 11kg machine in April 1981, though it didn't go into mass production until June 1981. Osborne 1 The Osborne 1 Source: Wikipedia It …
Tony Smith, 04 Apr 2011

Computer pioneer and Gates mentor Ed Roberts dies

Ed Roberts, the pioneering computer engineer and early mentor to Bill Gates and Paul Allen, died Thursday at age 68. Roberts will perhaps be best remembered for the Altair 8800, developed and marketed in both kit and assembled forms by his company, Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems, better known by its acronym, MITS …
Rik Myslewski, 02 Apr 2010

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

Microsoft's offering what it's called the best solution to shipping Windows 7 in Europe while staying within European regulatory law. The answer? For European Union (EU) member states to get 12 versions of the forthcoming Windows 7, each without the browser. IE will be available to Windows 7 customers "separately and on an …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jun 2009
Pirates ahoy!

Microsoft struggles to rid US shores of pesky pirates

Microsoft yesterday confirmed that it has filed 21 civil lawsuits for software piracy in US federal courts against resellers in 14 states. The tech multinational has slung its latest round of sue balls at resellers, claiming they have used a crafty technique that it likes to refer to as “hard-disk loading”. It said that the …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jun 2008
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'You're a f**king moron'

FoTW Our illuminating piece yesterday by new boy Jefferson Alberry II, regarding al-Qaeda's stance on the iPhone, provoked a seriously adverse reaction in one "Mr Jenkins". His resulting message may be short, but it sure ain't sweet: You're a fucking moron. Crawl back under the rock you live under - you cunt. Good Lord. Mr …
Lester Haines, 13 Jul 2007

Beatles' label to appeal against High Court verdict

Apple vs Apple Apple Corporation has confirmed it will appeal against today's English High Court verdict favouring Apple Computer. The Beatles-owned company clearly doesn't agree with Apple Comp. CEO Steve Jobs that the "disagreement" should now be "put behind" the two companies. Mr Justice Anthony Mann this morning ruled that Apple Comp. …
Tony Smith, 08 May 2006
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Cendant appoints former CA exec Jeff Clarke

Cendant has appointed IT industry veteran Jeff Clarke as the new CEO and president of its travel distribution business. Clarke takes the reigns from 1 May 2006. The appointment completes TDS's senior management - Gordon Bethune replaced Henry Silverman as chairman last month, Myra Biblowit is president and Ronald Nelson is CFO …
John Oates, 18 Apr 2006

Apple Corp. saw iTunes early, didn't complain - lawyer

Apple vs Apple The Beatles' recording company, Apple Corp., was given an opportunity to object to Apple Comp.'s use of the apple logo in association with the iTunes Music Store. But it chose not to, the iPod maker's advocate claimed yesterday. Apple Corp. received an ITMS demo in January 2003 - four months before the service went live, Anthony …
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2006
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Geac acquiesces to $1bn buyout

Enterprise software supplier Geac Computer Corporation has been bought by private equity firm Golden Gate Capital in an all-cash deal valued at approximately $1bn. The agreement, which is subject to standard closing conditions including the approval of regulators and Geac shareholders, is expected to close in the first calendar …
Team Register, 07 Nov 2005

Court of Appeal rejects Storage Computer HDS appeal

The Court of Appeal has dismissed Storage Computer's appeal over a ruling last year that the company's uropean Patent (UK) 0,294,287, ("'287") was invalid in an action against Hitachi Data Systems. In a statement today, Storage Computer expressed disappointment with the UK ruling and noted that the 287 patent remains valid in …
Drew Cullen, 30 Jul 2003

Carly's bananas to worry about Dell ink

Letters Quick question for you, by way of introduction:- What happens to naughty children who ring doorbells and run away? They grow up to become Fed Ex delivery agents! Here at The Register's West Coast Bureau, we're gathering delivery notices faster than we gather parking tickets, and that's saying something when you live slap bang …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Oct 2002
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Will you be using this Dell PC for world terror (y/n)?

Dell UK is dutifully doing its bit in the war against terrorism, as evidenced by the Export Compliance section of the company's online order form. Says Question 4: "Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons purposes …
John Lettice, 04 Feb 2002
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Compaq revitalises depressed disclaimer market

Those readers who remember the result of our astounding 2001 email disclaimer contest, will doubtless enjoy the following effort from Compaq, courtesy of our man in the land of coffee and maracas. The company recently donated 10 PCs to an Indian community centre in Chiapas, Mexico. Very laudable, but the subsequent press …
Lester Haines, 18 Jan 2002
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AMD cloaks Athlon 1900+ clock speed

"We're not trying to hide clock speeds," said AMD Europe's marketing chief, Robert Stead, at the launch of the company's controversial Athlon XP model numbering scheme on 9 October. Stead and co. were at pains to point out that the company intended to be open about its chips' clock speeds. And, indeed, AMD was quick to point …
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001
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Tadpole cycles into SPARC rackmounts

Tadpole Technology, the Cambridge, UK SPARC notebook maker, is buying Cycle Computer Corporation, a California maker of SPARC rackmounts for £5.6 million in shares. The company is to raise £11.2 million through a one-for-11 rights issue and a placing of new shares at 45 pence a pop with existing customers. Around £5 million …
Drew Cullen, 22 Nov 2000
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Compaq pours bucket over Wildfire

From: WEINGARTEN, SCHURGIN, GAGNEBIN & HAYES LLP June 21, 2000 Mr. Mike Magee Situation Publishing 20-22 Maddox Street London, W1R 9PG United Kingdom RE WILDFIRE Trademark of Wildfire Communications, Inc Our File: WILD:2000.01 Dear Mr. Magee We represent Wildfire Communications, Inc ("Wildfire") in trademark and …
Team Register, 26 Jun 2000
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How the hell… do I countersue Rambus?

In the interests of history, we thought we would bring to our readers the entire document Hitachi presented in its bid to countersue Rambus. Last week, as reported here, Hitachi settled with Rambus but we have had many enquiries as to which DDR and SDRAM patents are involved. Those details are within this court deposition, as …
Mike Magee, 26 Jun 2000
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E-envoy issues more dire warnings

Britain's e-envoy, Alex Allan, has warned British business that adopting the Internet and electronic trading is crucial to the future health of the UK economy. Sharing a platform yesterday with Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation, Allan spoke to industry leaders from 200 British companies at a business …
Tim Richardson, 04 Feb 2000
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Compaq responds to Register Alpha NT stories

Letter After a series of articles we wrote in the last ten days, Jim Boak, the director of Compaq’s Corporate Technical Strategy in the US, has written us an email outlining his company’s position. The full text is below. Stories, with links related to other stories in this letter are How Microsoft hedged its 64-bit NT Alpha bets, MS …
Mike Magee, 29 Aug 1999
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How a leaked Pesatori Alpha NT customer letter reads

The following document was forwarded to us and we have no idea as to its veracity. But we do know, for a fact, that Microsoft has pulled the rug on 64-bit NT for Alpha... and the following is a pretty convincing validation of earlier stories, and written in Q style. If Compaq would care to take the time to contact us, we would …
Mike Magee, 26 Aug 1999
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Hashimoto, Phonetel sue raft of IT companies

A federal litigation case by Hashimoto and Phonetel was extended earlier this week to cover a long list of important PC, networking and telecommunication companies. The case was filed on the 7th of July in Denver, Colorado. The list of defendants is as follows: AT&T Corp FKA American Telephone and Telegraph Company; Arch …
Mike Magee, 09 Jul 1999
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More heads roll at Compaq Central

Influential DEC and Compaq watcher Terry Shannon is reporting that another head or two have rolled at the beleaguered firm. One of the latest departures, however, will be a heavy loss for the Big Q. Shannon says in Shannon knows Compaq that techo guru Bob Supnik will hand in his bezel on June 11. And at the same time, Shannon …
Mike Magee, 26 May 1999
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Compaq to climb higher Himalaya

Influential newsletter Shannon knows Compaq is saying that Q will introduce its most powerful and expandable Himalaya server so far. According to Terry Shannon, veteran DEC/Compaq analyst, Compaq will roll out the NonStop Himalaya S72000, which will support between four and 16 MIPS chips. He says that this will offer 20 per cent …
Mike Magee, 17 May 1999
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Intel's Otellini says Ray Lane good president for Compaq

Senior Intel VP Paul Otellini came to London yesterday and saw us reading a newspaper called Shannon knows Compaq. He obviously had seen the newsletter before. He said: "Who is going to be the new CEO of Compaq?" We said: "Maybe Ray Lane but we don't think so, because he's earning enough already." Otellini was in a bad mood. He …
Mike Magee, 14 May 1999
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Big guns form Citrix-inspired ASP group

Citrix Systems seems to have rounded itself up an impressive posse of members for a new "international advocacy group" intended to promote and define standards for application service provision. The Application Service Provider Industry Consortium acronymises itself as ASP Industry Consortium, funnily enough - presumably you can …
John Lettice, 12 May 1999