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Super Micro's 4-node FatTwin server

Super Micro bends metal for Super Hadooper data munchers

King of the whiteboxers Super Micro, which is also one of the dominant suppliers of raw system components to other whiteboxers, has launched a line of clusters preconfigured to run the Hadoop big data muncher at the same time that it has reported its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2013 ended in September. …
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Arrow warns on tightening component sales

Global distributor Arrow Electronics has warned Q3 forecasts will fall short of analyst expectations as it is anticipating a slowdown in components shipments. The distribution heavyweight today reported a 20 per cent hike in sales to $5.54bn, up 6 per cent sequentially for Q2 ended 2 July, but excluding the currency headwind …
Paul Kunert, 27 Jul 2011

Two and a half days in hell

Sysadmin blog As sysadmins, we have to test before we deploy. We need to test before even upgrading a driver. We should test absolutely everything before a major deployment. It seems obvious. It is obvious. You should certainly need to test everything before doing what I did: throwing ten times the normal I/O and processing load at your …
Trevor Pott, 6 Sep 2010
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New iPod nano torn to pieces

Photos The fifth-generation iPod nano was released only yesterday, and already the deconstructionistas at repair-and-parts shop iFixit have vivisected one, yanking out its tiny, tightly engineered internal organs. You can find the entire 28-photo teardown, complete with running commentary, on iFixit's website - but here are some of …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Sep 2009

Asus intros 'quietest' HD DVD drive

Asus has launched an add-in HD DVD drive for PCs, pitching the product as a quietest of its kind - handy for folk building living-room systems. Asus HR-0205T HD DVD drive Asus' HR-0205T: Ssshhh... The HR-0205T is a read-only unit that can handled single- and dual-layer HD DVD media, and single-layer HD DVD-R discs, all at 2 …
Tony Smith, 1 Nov 2007

Abit IP35 Pro Intel P35-based motherboard

Review The Pro is the current feature-packed flagship of Abit's P35 range of motherboards based around - surprise, surprise - Intel's P35 chipset, and supports Intel's range of 1333, 1066 and 800MHz frontside processors, including the Core 2 Extreme, the Core 2 Quad and the Core 2 Duo. Built on a blue PCB, the IP35 Pro is very neatly …
F Sandeman, 25 Oct 2007

Asus backs Blu-ray

Asus has rolled up its sleeves and jumped into the next-generation optical disc format fight on the side of Blu-ray Disc. This week it announced a multi-format DVD writer with the ability to play BD media. Asus BC-1205PT Blu-ray Disc drive Asus' BC-1205PT Blu-ray Disc drive The BC-1205PT Blu-ray Drive is an internal SATA …
Tony Smith, 6 Sep 2007

Laptop part shortage to push up prices?

Notebooks could become more expensive to buy through the rest of the year if claims that key components are in short supply prove true. Among the laptop parts said to be hard to find: display panels, battery cells, DVD drives and motherboards. The warning was sounded by moles from within Taiwan's contract manufacturer …
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2007

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