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'Special relationship': Oracle bags contract renewal

Database giant Oracle has bagged a renewed contract to supply its technology to Whitehall in a deal that the Cabinet Office claimed would save £75m for taxpayers by 2015. The California multinational is one of the biggest provider's to government, Francis Maude's department said when announcing the agreement this morning. It …

Oracle's Africa dealings under FBI, SEC, DoJ investigation

Oracle is reported to be under investigation by the US authorities for breaking federal anti-bribery laws in Africa. The FBI field office in Washington, fraud prosecutors in the Justice Department's criminal division, and attorneys for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are reported to be looking into sales of Oracle …
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2011

Oracle assures financiers they're not that important after all

Oracle comforted distraught investment bankers yesterday by delivering better-than-expected first quarter profits and pointing out it really doesn’t do that much business in the financial services sector. The database giant turned in revenues up 18 per cent to $5.3bn for the quarter ending August 31, producing a net profit of $1 …
Joe Fay, 19 Sep 2008
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Oracle Q1 sales down, profit up

Oracle, the software giant and hardware wannabe, put its first quarter of fiscal 2010 ended August 31 to bed today, and like other software makers, sales of new software licenses continue to be crunched by the economic meltdown and the strengthening US dollar. But rising software license and product support revenues helped …

Oracle wants seal busted on HP's Itanium suit

Oracle has called on a California court to publicly reveal the sealed portions of the lawsuit HP brought against the software company over Intel's Itanium processor. HP says its happy to make the documents public, but there's a caveat involving the settlement agreement between the two companies over ex–HP CEO Mark Hurd. Even …

Oracle and SAP are Big Software, but for how long?

When Oracle announced disappointing third-quarter results in March 2013, executives at the company were quick to blame poor sales execution for a two per cent decline in new software licences and cloud software subscriptions. It wasn't a symptom, they insisted, of underlying problems with the company’s product portfolio - or …
Shot of HP CEO Mark Hurd at press conference

What is Mark Hurd working on?

Blocks and Files Look, this is off the wall, and I'm putting together an absence from the public eye and thoughts from a couple of sources - and maybe wishful thinking - but, here we go; what is Mark Hurd working on at Oracle? The Hurdster has been absent from public engagements for a couple of months it seems. He gets recruited …
Chris Mellor, 16 Mar 2011

Sun jilted in Oracle big-systems love

OpenWorld 08 Oracle will partner with Intel in the ever-nebulous cloud computing arena, in the latest straining of Oracle's relationship with one-time big-systems pall Sun Microsystems. Oracle and Intel pledged Tuesday they'd work together on standards and integration in virtualization and security to help organizations move from private to …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Sep 2008
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Oracle uses Sun as springboard in Q4

The first post-Sun-acquisition financial results are in for Oracle, and the software maker has turned a profit on its Sun business. But it's an operating profit, not a net profit with real black on the bottom line, and that does not take into account restructuring charges from layoffs and other tweaks to the Sun business. If not …

Oracle fails to convince MySQL doubters

Oracle has failed to persuade the European Commission that it will provide a safe home for MySQL. The Commission is currently looking at Oracle's takeover of Sun, and has previously said it is especially worried about the fate of free database MySQL. A spokesman for Competition Commissioner 'Steelie' Neelie Kroes said the …
John Oates, 22 Oct 2009

Oracle defies HP and IBM with 47% revenue leap

If you were thinking that that acquisition of Sun Microsystems was going to drag Oracle down financially, you were wrong. That means you, Hewlett-Packard. And especially you, IBM . In the quarter ended November 30, Oracle's overall revenues were up 47 per cent, to $8.58bn, and not just because of the addition of Sun's hardware, …

Oracle reels in Sun Microsystems with $7.4bn buy

Database giant Oracle has agreed to buy Sun Microsystems for $7.4bn, or $9.5 a share, in cash. The surprise move comes in the wake of IBM walking away from a possible buyout of Sun Microsystems for $6.85bn. Oracle said the boards of both the firms had given the transaction the thumbs up. It’s expected to complete this summer …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Apr 2009
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Oracle power couple take Manhattan by billboard

A bizarre series of billboards have appeared in Manhattan, featuring the grinning mugs of Oracle president Charles Phillips and partner YaVaughnie Wilkins. The posters feature a touchingly romantic message - from "c.e.p," aka Phillips - complete with an incredibly long URL that invites passing New Yorkers to visit an online …
Gavin Clarke, 21 Jan 2010

Sun grows Oracle but stunts profits

All eyes were on Wall Street this afternoon as software giant and new hardware vendor Oracle reported sales of $6.4bn for its third quarter of fiscal 2010 ended in February, up 17 per cent from the year ago period. However, thanks to its $7.4bn acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which happened a month before the end of the quarter …
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HP threatens Oracle with legal action for jumping Itanic

HP has threatened legal action in response to Oracle's recent decision to withdraw support for its software on future Itanium processors. In his keynote address at HP's Discover 2011 event in Las Vegas today, Martin Fink – senior vice president and general manager of HP's Business Critical Systems unit – hinted that HP will soon …
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HP sics Spaniards on Larry Ellison

Hewlett-Packard's legal fight with Oracle over Intel's Itanium processor has now landed in Spain. On Friday, La Comisión Nacional de la Competencia (CNC), the Spanish antitrust authority, released a statement saying that it had launched for formal investigation into Oracle's decision to cease development of its database, …
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Oracle expects EC to approve Sun takeover bid

Database giant Oracle expects European Commission antitrust watchdogs to give the thumbs up to the company's multi-billion takeover bid for Sun Microsystems after Christmas. "We expect the European Commission to unconditionally clear the acquisition of Sun in January," said Oracle president Safra Catz yesterday, as the firm …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Dec 2009
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Hurd to take $950,000 salary after Oracle pay cut

Mark Hurd will take a 25 per cent pay cut to work for Larry Ellison — if HP fails in its legal maneuver to block the Oracle CEO's audacious hire. Ellison has offered HP's former chief a salary of $950,000 as an Oracle president and board member — stratospheric by mortal standards, but down from Hurd's $1.27m take at HP. Hurd …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Sep 2010

Ellison: 'We can double Oracle's hardware biz'

Larry Ellison, Oracle's chief executive officer and cofounder, ain't messing around with systems. In fact, he is playing doubles with tennis partner and now Oracle co-president, Mark Hurd. Ellison will handle the creation of so-called "engineered systems," which stack up Oracle hardware and software, and Hurd will peddle them …
Larry Ellison

Ellison rules out M&A breather

Oracle loves buying companies and it simply can't break/won't break the habit. It's got ambitious growth targets to meet and rivals' market share to take. Chief executive Larry Ellison and president and chief financial officer Safra Catz today re-committed the company to more mergers and acquisitions to help it hit its goal of …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Jun 2007
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Apple COO Cook to take the HP helm?

Updated What kind of fool would leave Apple's second-in-command job to run Hewlett-Packard? Probably not chief operating officer Tim Cook, but that is the rumor running around the Intertubes right now, and it has spooked Wall Street. HP is hosting its financial analysts meeting in Palo Alto this afternoon, local Silicon Gulch time, and …
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What does the Hurd mentality bring to Oracle?

Comment It's going to be a long time before Oracle can take on the likes of HP and IBM for the IT-market crown. But before he retires, you can bet Larry Ellison's last billion bucks that he most surely wants to become the dominant systems supplier in the data center. This goal is not as unattainable as it might seem, especially now that …
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Peoplesoft eats at Oracle profits

Profits at database giant Oracle fell in the third quarter to $540m compared to net income of $635m in the same period of last year. Post-acquisition costs related to Peoplesoft are blamed for the fall Turnover for the three months ended 28 February was up to $2.95bn from $2.51bn. But Oracle shares fell slightly because Wall …
John Oates, 23 Mar 2005
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PeopleSoft customers learning to love Oracle

PeopleSoft customers are getting more comfortable with the idea of an Oracle takeover - at least they are according to Oracle's co-president Charles Phillips. Speaking at the opening of Oracle's customer jamboree OpenWorld in San Francisco Phillips said: "A lot of opinion of this deal has changed. We're reaching out to these …
John Oates, 08 Dec 2004

IBM gets fat on Oracle-HP Itanium spat

With Oracle pulling the rug out from underneath Intel's Itanium processor in an effort to undermine rival HP's Unix-server business, two obvious questions arise: What makes Itanium so special that it has roused the disaffections of the software giant? And why hasn't Big Blue's Power Systems platform been tarred with the same …

Spending slowdown hits Oracle third quarter

Oracle's third quarter has proved even a rapacious acquisition strategy can't render you immune to a slow down in customer spending. Sales of Oracle's software scraped in at the low end of its expectations stated in December: 16 per cent, compared to the anticipated range of between 15 and 25 per cent for the three months to …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Mar 2008

Five months at Oracle enough for CFO

Greg Maffei has become the latest CFO to last less than a year at database giant Oracle. Maffei, who ran Microsoft's vast and swelling finances between 1997 and 2000, is leaving to follow a "terrific personal opportunity" after just five months at Oracle. Maffei follows Harry You, who left in March after eight months in the …
Gavin Clarke, 03 Nov 2005
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Ex-Sun boss gives Ellison open source wedgie

Pg West 2010 Former Sun Microsystems chief and co-founder Scott McNealy has re-appeared to champion open source and rough up billionaire Larry Ellison, the man who bought his baby. Speaking at PostgreSQL West 2010, McNealy urged devs to drive adoption of their database against Oracle's proprietary products and MySQL by working with other …
Gavin Clarke, 04 Nov 2010

HP dubs Oracle 'bitter antagonist' in Itanic spat

HP vs Oracle Hindsight is always at least 20/20. But sometimes it is 20/15 or even 20/10. Maybe Hewlett-Packard should have bought the server and storage business from Sun Microsystems and argued to keep Solaris and let Oracle eat Java, which is what the company really wanted to get ahold of once it became clear that IBM was not going to buy …

Sun proxy details its dating game

You've been curious about the back story when Sun Microsystems, as Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini succinctly put it, "shopped around the Valley and around the world." And now, thanks to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the preliminary merger proxy statement Sun has to file by law as part of Oracle's …
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Sun rallies investors despite possible Oracle blocker

The wheels are rolling on Oracle's $5.6bn proposed purchase of Sun Microsystems, despite the prospect of a legal challenge later this month. Sun has named July 16 as the date for the company's stockholders to attend a special meeting at its Santa Clara, California campus to vote on what it's optimistically called a "merger." In …
Gavin Clarke, 08 Jun 2009

Sun admits Oracle didn't want the hardware biz

Oracle's management has been putting a positive spin on its proposed $5.6bn purchase of Sun Microsystems. Chief executive Larry Ellison - a man with an Ahab-like obsession for hardware appliances - has said the deal potentially makes Oracle the Apple of enterprise systems. Elsewhere, management has been dancing around the fact …
Gavin Clarke, 12 May 2009
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HP strikes back at Oracle with SAP CEO pick

Comment Let's see, now. If I was a big Oracle partner and I really wanted Larry Ellison to go ballistic, what's the worse thing I could do? How about elect the former CEO of SAP – one of his most hated rivals – as my CEO? Well, that's what Hewlett-Packard has done in what looks an awful lot like a strike back at Ellison after he …
Gavin Clarke, 01 Oct 2010
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King Larry launches Oracle-Sun combo at Big Blue, Cisco

Analysis It was not a very auspicious beginning to the merger of two tech giants. Oracle just couldn't seem to get its phone lines and Webcast in order to do the actual announcement of its $5.6bn acquisition of server maker Sun Microsystems. Oracle Needs Sun Servers Or, perhaps this explains it all. I guess Oracle needed some Sun …
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Oracle sends pesky PeopleSoft brass packing

Oracle has canned four PeopleSoft executives, including the company's CFO, as it marches on with the $10.3bn acquisition. Oracle whacked PeopleSoft CFO Kevin Parker, co-president W. Phillip Wilmington, chief marketing officer Nanci Caldwell and general counsel James Shaughnessy. These moves, revealed in a PeopleSoft filing with …
Ashlee Vance, 31 Dec 2004
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Oracle's Q2 leaves Wall Street wanting more

Oracle today learned that buying double-digit growth doesn't impress investors like it used to. The insatiable software maker did its best to wow shareholders with a 26 per cent rise in second quarter revenue to $4.2bn. Net income surged as well, hitting $1.17bn on a 20 per cent year-over-year rise. The results were aided by …
Ashlee Vance, 19 Dec 2006
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She should get out more

Comment The last time I wrote about the marketing shenanigans that companies get up to I was castigated by one correspondent who claimed that this was not analysis. True — but it is informed comment — and analysts are probably better positioned to see, and point out, the murkier side of marketing than most other people. Here is a case …
Philip Howard, 19 Apr 2006

Did Hewlett-Packard overreact on Hurd's Fishergate?

Comment After its tumultuous time under president and chief executive Carly Fiorina followed by the journalist spying scandal that cost chairman Patricia Dunn her job, you can't blame Hewlett-Packard's board for being a little jumpy about a sex scandal and padded expenses. Or maybe you can, especially if cutting the cord on CEO, …
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Oracle's Q2 nicked by income drop

Oracle failed to impress investors with a second quarter that saw profits decline and currency effects punish the company's bottom line. The database maker posted revenue of $3.3bn – a solid 19 per cent year-over-year increase. Net income, however, dipped 2 per cent to $798m. Part of the disappointing results could be …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Dec 2005
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Electric shock game controller on the way

A game controller that gives you electric shocks is being developed by Mad Catz in the US. There isn't a press release and the office hasn't woken up yet (that's Californians for you) but the New Scientist has reported it, so it must be true. Following on from the controllers that fight against you while playing (thus making it …
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jun 2001
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Oracle razzle-dazzles Wall St with recession performance

In the musical Chicago, attorney Billy Flynn shows client Roxy Heart how to razzle dazzle a jury to prove she's the naïve victim of "liquor and jazz". Larry Ellison seems to have watched and learned. On Tuesday Oracle mounted a production of its own during a call with Wall Street, drawing on some familiar dramatic devices to …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jun 2009

Oracle CFO exits as fight for Retek heats up

Oracle's CFO, Harry You, is leaving the company a mere two months after the database giant acquired Peoplesoft and just as its battle to acquire Retek is heating up. You, who had only worked for Oracle for eight months, is joining BearingPoint as CEO, replacing interim boss Rod McGeary. Oracle's co-president Safra Catz will pick …
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005
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PeopleSoft defends poison pills

David Duffield, PeopleSoft founder and acting-CEO, said the firm might have considered the Oracle takeover bid more seriously if terms had been different. Testifying in a Delaware court, he said that the bid offer might have been accepted if some terms had been dropped - and if Oracle had been serious about selling and …
John Oates, 13 Oct 2004
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Oracle trial won't call PeopleSoft boss

Oracle will not call PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway as a witness in the antitrust trial brought by the US Department of Justice. The DoJ is concerned that a merger between Oracle and PeopleSoft would lessen competion in the market and lead to higher charges for businesses. PeopleSoft has rejected Oracle's offers. Attorneys for …
John Oates, 29 Jun 2004

Oracle is still serious about acquiring PeopleSoft

How many Oracle executives does it take to assure the world at large that it still wants to acquire PeopleSoft? Three. Without leisure suit Larry around, Oracle on Monday was forced to turn to a trio of other hands for a momentum building exercise. Safra Catz, Jeff Henley and Chuck Phillips held a conference call to tell …
Ashlee Vance, 25 Nov 2003

Sun and Oracle: End of a beautiful dream

Sun Microsystems' soon-to-be ex-chief executive has been painting his company's acquisition by database giant Oracle in positive tones. Jonathan Schwartz called the proposed $5.6bn deal a "fantastic day for Sun's customers, developers, partners and employees across the globe". It will also "redefine" important boundaries in IT …
Gavin Clarke, 21 Apr 2009