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Suitcase full of money

Oracle investors told not to let Catz and co get the cream – reports

Oracle investors have reportedly been told to vote against the company’s executive pay plan, which would give bosses pay packets worth more than $100m. According to Bloomberg, the proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services – which provides advice on asset management – told clients not to rubber-stamp Big Red’s big pay …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Oct 2017

AW, SNAP, Oracle. You've shrivelled up poor Larry Ellison's package even more

Oracle’s soon-to-be-ex-CEO Larry Ellison took home slightly less money in fiscal 2014 than the previous year, after some rumblings of criticism at the sizeable nature of his big package. The poor billionaire bagged just $67.3m in compensation, instead of the $78.4m he managed to make off with in fiscal 2013, a markdown of 15.5 …
The Register breaking news

Oracle to triple Exadata installs this year

Software giant and hardware upstart Oracle has closed out its first ever $10 billion quarter, and the company told Wall Street that it can triple the base of Exadata clustered database systems in its fiscal 2012 year. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 ending May 31, Oracle raked in $10.8bn in revenues, an increase of 13.4 …

Oracle assures financiers they're not that important after all

Oracle comforted distraught investment bankers yesterday by delivering better-than-expected first quarter profits and pointing out it really doesn’t do that much business in the financial services sector. The database giant turned in revenues up 18 per cent to $5.3bn for the quarter ending August 31, producing a net profit of …
Joe Fay, 19 Sep 2008

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