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Android comes with a kill-switch

Google has put itself in charge of policing Android devices. The search giant is retaining the right to delete applications from Android handsets on a whim. Unlike Apple, the company has made no attempt to hide its intentions, and includes the details in the Android Market terms and conditions, as spotted by Computer World: …
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2008
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iPhone secure enough for Japanese enterprise

While the iPhone might be not secure enough for American and European enterprises, BrearingPoint has decided to equip 1,000 of its Japanese employees with Apple's uberphone. Softbank Mobile is providing the handsets to BearingPoint, a technical consultancy that currently issues its consultants in Japan with both a phone and a …
Bill Ray, 7 Oct 2008

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

Apple has been selling $1m worth of iPhone apps every day, Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal. He also confirmed Apple's ability to reach out and disappear applications previously installed on punters' iPhones. Steve informed the Journal that more than 60 million apps have been downloaded through the Application Store. …
Bill Ray, 11 Aug 2008
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Mashing up a minefield

A recent survey from market researcher Evans Data Corp shows some interesting, if slightly contradictory, trends in the acceptance of mashing up as a future business tool. This is the capability of pushing together functionality from different applications to create new, additional services for users: the classic current …
Martin Banks, 24 Apr 2007

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