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BT: We're killing the dabs brand. Oh and can customers re-register to buy on our site?

BT is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its acquisition by dumping the online gadget souk's brand and “inviting” customers to re-register their trading account. In a note to punters, the Brit telco monopoly confirmed that on 11 April it is taking the name outside to be shot, “moving forward with just our BT …
Paul Kunert, 23 Mar 2016
channel says sorry for delivery debacle has apologised to customers for months of delivery delays following the replacement of its back-end purchasing systems. The BT-owned online reseller dragged itself into the 21st century by replacing its DEC Alpha monster - running software reputedly designed by founder and previous owner Dave Atherton - with one …
Paul Kunert, 24 Jun 2011
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Trading Standards, ASA confirm BT 'Advent Calendar' probe

Trading Standards officers and the Advertising Standards Authority are investigating BT concerning its "Advent Calendar" promotion on its "BT Shop" website. Customers complained that BT increased the price of items on sale immediately before introducing a discount of up to 30 per cent. BT has denied that it fiddled the prices …
Tim Richardson, 20 Dec 2004
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BT denies fiddling prices on Advent Calendar sales promo

BT has denied that it's fiddling prices on its online "Advent Calendar" promotion, in response to a snowstorm of customer complaints. The promo at BT Shop promises that punters can "save up to 30 per cent on your Christmas gifts with our fantastic daily offer". All people need to do is click on the Advent calendar for the day …
Tim Richardson, 14 Dec 2004
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Readers' Letters: It's a biggy

[Email on mobile phones, grammar, dead girls, loonies. What more could you possible want from The Reg's letters page] Email with your mobile - but it's a pain in the arse [We discovered that you could send emails using your bog-standard mobile. Since no one we spoke to seemed to know about this, we thought it was worth a story …
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Jul 2000