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Blighty's new anti-bribe law will do more HARM than good

Analysis We used to draw a distinct line between what was acceptable business conduct here at home and what we did abroad with Johnny Foreigner. Inviting Bertie from your major customer to Henley or the Derby, or waving Cup Final and Olympic tickets in his face was entirely acceptable. Slipping him £500 for an order was bribery and …
Tim Worstall, 13 Jun 2012
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New anti-corruption offences come into force today

New anti-corruption laws come into force today, giving companies more certainty over what constitutes bribery but placing greater obligations on companies to tackle corruption. A company could be responsible for bribery carried out by its employees without its knowledge or consent under the Bribery Act. It creates a new …
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Jul 2011
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Corporate hospitality is OK, says new Bribery Act guidance

The Bribery Act will not lead to a large number of prosecutions and will not outlaw corporate hospitality, the Government has said in long-awaited guidance on last year's Bribery Act. The guidance also makes it clear that small companies could communicate their anti-bribery policies orally and still meet the requirements of …
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Mar 2011
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CBI demands action from Osborne

Business lobby group the CBI warned Chancellor George Osborne that the Budget must focus on helping UK companies grow by improving access to finance, cutting energy costs and increasing exports. The CBI said the Chancellor should redouble efforts to increase exports. It welcomed recent moves to make export credit insurance …
John Oates, 07 Mar 2011
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Government put brakes on Bribery Act

The Government has delayed the implementation of the Bribery Act. It will not now come into force in April as planned, but will be put on hold while the Government rewrites guidance for businesses on how to comply with the 2010 law. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has not said when new guidance will be published but has said …
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Feb 2011

Bribery Act passed by Parliament

A new bribery law has been passed by the Houses of Commons and Lords but is not yet in force. The Bribery Act can penalise companies whose employees engage in bribery if the company did not have adequate policies in place to prevent it. The law gives a more certain definition of what bribery is and updates a law that was seen …
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Apr 2010