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One of the images describing Microsoft's blade server design

Microsoft seeks patent for blade server chassis

Sharp-eyed blogger Kevin Houston has spotted a Microsoft attempt to patent a “Tray and Chassis Blade Server Architecture”. The patent, published last December, offers a chassis design that assumes blades – storage, compute, network switch and hybrid blades all get a mention – will reside in trays and be inserted horizontally. …
Simon Sharwood, 24 Jan 2014

Blade servers 101

How are blade servers different from their rack-mounted counterparts? The blade server trend started about ten years ago when RLX launched its system of servers built into a chassis that slotted into standard 19-inch racks. The idea is that you can install a blade server or any other type of device that would fit into a …
Manek Dubash, 22 Jun 2011
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Verari previews SSD for blades

Boutique blade server maker Verari Systems was on hand at the Storage Networking World trade show in Dallas this week to preview its foray into solid state drives (SSDs) for its blade servers, which will come to market at the end of the year. Like other server makers, Verari is trying to figure out how to leverage the high- …

HP intros midrange, easy-on-the-grid servers

Hewlett-Packard is expanding its midsection today, with various hardware and software additions made to its wares for those companies sized between the fantastic and wee. The mid-market courting is composed of HP's two new power-efficient ProLiant servers — a blade and a rackmounted server. There's also some penguin love, with …
Austin Modine, 31 Mar 2008

HP injects blade PCs with fresh Athlons

HP has delivered a much needed refresh to its blade PC product line, upgrading the hardware and graphics performance of the systems. HP released its last batch of Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI) gear way back in Nov. of 2005. The big transition taking place then was a shift from Transmeta-based systems to Athlon-based …
Ashlee Vance, 14 Jun 2007

Of HP's Virtual Connect

Comment HP announced last month the availability of Virtual Connect, virtualization technologies to simplify the connectivity and management of its BladeSystem c-Class architecture. HP Virtual Connect modules separate server management from LAN and SAN management without introducing another network or disturbing existing network …
Clay Ryder, 13 Apr 2007

IBM cuts up HP's cool blade claims

With no one else to beat up in the blade server market, HP and IBM have decided to make a sport of bashing each other. Last week, HP highlighted a report from Sine Nomine Associates – your guess is as good as ours – that gave HP's blade servers a major power consumption edge over IBM's gear with larger configurations. It has …
Ashlee Vance, 15 Mar 2007

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