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Tech budgets in schools heading north again

The amount of money schools splash on tech is on the up despite the government putting an end to ring-fenced spending for ICT a year ago, a study by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has found. According to the UK survey of 766 primary and 551 secondary schools conducted in July, budgets are looking likely …
Paul Kunert, 26 Sep 2012

UK schools to maintain ICT spending

Most UK schools are set to keep ICT budgets flat next year, according to research by the British Educational Suppliers Association. The ICT in UK State Schools report by the trade body for educational suppliers' reveals that 58 per cent of primary schools and 51 per cent of secondary schools are likely to maintain planned ICT …
Kable, 22 Sep 2010

Besa predicts £9.8m drop in schools' ICT spending

The British Educational Suppliers Association says that ICT spending in primary and secondary schools will fall this year. In its annual report on ICT trends in UK state schools, the association estimates that primary school ICT budgets will decrease by 2.2 per cent in 2009-10, while those of secondary schools are likely to …
Kable, 1 Oct 2009

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