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Poll: Porn-watching, net-savvy kids are a myth

Parents who think their tearaway hacking kiddies are seeing all sorts of things they shouldn't online are buying into some of the top myths about children on the web, according to a new report. EU Kids Online, a research project based at the London School of Economics and Political Science, talked to kids across Europe about …
T-Mobile Vairy Touch II

Ten... alternatives to Samsung's Galaxy S III

Product round-up With the Galaxy S III unveiled at last night's Samsung event, the next generation of smartphones now has consumer eyebrows permanently raised as if the wind just changed direction. Feel like defying the herd? Here are ten current or upcoming smartphones that may be worth considering, should you wish to avoid the Galaxy S III …
Caleb Cox, 04 May 2012

What happened to comics for kids? Hell, what happened to COMICS?

In central London, there’s a giant-sized superheroes, space ’n’ science fiction shop. Among the pricey objects on offer – £479.99 for a replica Alien egg, for example, or £152.99 for a Star Wars dart board – there are action figures, t-shirts, books, DVDs and - even now - comics. On packed shelves of glossy colour mags, we have …
Ian Harrison, 14 Nov 2012
Mars Attacks!

Ten... alien invasions

Sci-fi round-up Earlier this week, alien hunters donned their tinfoil hats for World UFO day and with Yanks celebrating Independence Day today, the topic of extra-terrestrial takeover lingers in the air. The public has even been debating who would be best equipped to tackle an alien invasion. Whether that's Mr. Obama, his political opponent or …
Caleb Cox, 04 Jul 2012

IBM answer machine makes chumps of trivia chimps

If you've been watching the first two days of the Jeopardy! game show pitting two of humanity's trivia champs against IBM's Watson question-and-answer machine, you probably had a sinking feeling – mixed with a sense of awe. All-time champ Ken Jennings put up a good fight, and Brad Rutter stole away a few questions, but the …
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Hubble squints at most distant galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope has squinted at what's "likely to be the most distant object ever seen in the universe" – a galaxy some 13.2 billion light-years from Earth. The dim cluster of blue stars existed just 480 million years after the Big Bang, NASA explains, and is a significant find for scientists aiming to explain how …
Lester Haines, 27 Jan 2011
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What's not in the iPhone 4S ... and why

No 4G radio and no NFC payment technology: the only new radio on the iPhone 4S is a CDMA connection for travellers that, it turns out, most travellers won't be able to use. We know Cupertino has been looking into Near Field Communications for a year or two, and presumably decided that the technology was still too immature to get …
Bill Ray, 05 Oct 2011
Wacom Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display

Wacom Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display

Review So the Wacom Cintiq 24HD shows up at my door and it's huge. Seriously, this marriage of 24in display and graphics tablet tech needs two people to lift it out of the packaging and there are step-by-step instructions on just how to do it. This is definitely a professional piece of kit and, costing around £2000, I reckon unless you …
Lucy Orr, 06 Mar 2012
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'Searching staff emails would be time-consuming'

Quotw This was the week when the details of Facebook's acquisition of revenueless app firm Instagram – for $1bn – emerged. The social network's CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly negotiated Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom down from $2bn and agreed the deal from the comfort of his couch in his home in Palo Alto – purportedly without informing …

An afternoon with Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer

Phil Plait – one-time NASA astronomer, science educator, and author of the Bad Astronomy blog at Slate, recently visited Australia to renew his acquaintance with the Oz confection-cum-dentist's-nightmare Minties. While here, the Bad Astronomer embarked on a multi-city lecture tour, took part in IFLS Live in Sydney, and spent an …
Pioneer SC-LX85 THX Ultra 2 Plus

2011's Best... Hi-Fi and AV Kit

Xmas Gift Guide With hi-fi and home cinema now two sides of the same coin, it’s inevitable that these 2011's Best... heroes come in every shape and size. But while price points and technologies differ, all can be considered solid gold entertainers. So if you’re looking for the UK’s best value Blu-ray player, the highest-performing dock, or …
Steve May, 15 Dec 2011

When Ellison goes, will he go gracefully?

Comment Graceful CEO exits are rare: the driven man with his hands on the corporate steering wheel finds it hard to sit in a rear seat and let someone else drive. More often they want to be the satnav. As far as they're concerned, it's their way or an abrupt turn onto the highway. How will Larry Ellison leave Oracle? Will he do a Dan …
Chris Mellor, 05 Oct 2011
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'You will download your sneakers within 20 years. Yarr'

QuotW This was the week when Microsoft filed a lawsuit against a Russian man who allegedly created and operated the Kelihos botnet before it got taken down in September last year. RIM co-chiefs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down as joint CEOs of the beleaguered BlackBerry-maker, a move investors have been howling about for …
Rinspeed sQuba

007 hardware: Gadgetry, spyware and things that make you go Boom

As Daniel Craig enjoys his third outing as Britain's most famous spy, fans who didn't get to see the film this weekend are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of 007's latest gadget collection. While we expect any contraption to feel futuristic and perhaps implausible, the gizmos on show from Bond films of yesteryear …
Caleb Cox, 06 Nov 2012

Cray starts pimping BlueArc's storage Titan

Storage player BlueArc has entered a partnership with supercomputer vendor Cray to resell BlueArc's Titan 2000 network storage systems to high performance computing customers. The reseller relationship was announced Wednesday with their first customer showcase up and humming. The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) of …
Austin Modine, 05 Apr 2007
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Japanese unleash Jedi Obama

Those of you who've been wondering why US prez Barack Obama has not yet solved world poverty and hunger, halted global warming and given a lovely puppy to each and every child on Earth will be relieved to learn he's still on the case, but has just been a bit tied up of late on intergalactic business: Obama with lightsaber …
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2009
Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3

Review When it comes to goodbyes, Gears of War 3 proves that parting truly is the sweetest of sorrows. A swansong of bewildering scope and ambition, it's a near-flawless conclusion to Epic's highly acclaimed series. Gears of War 3 Fire in the hole With only a handful of games able to rival it for intensity, action and drama, and …
Andrew Bailey, 20 Sep 2011
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Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins

Thus it is recorded in the Book of The Times of Los Angeles: "And the Lord said: 'Let there be MobileMe. And there was not MobileMe. And the Lord looked down upon Apple's botched transition and saw that it was not good. And he then told Benny 16 to apologise...'" Yeah verily, unbelievers look on in awe and wonder: LA Times grab …
Lester Haines, 17 Jul 2008
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

Review Love it or hate it, it's impossible to ignore Halo's legacy. With the exception of Super Mario, no other videogame series has been as critical to the success of its target platform - or as influential on the videogames industry as a whole. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Urban jungle Arguably the most important …
Andrew Bailey, 15 Nov 2011
Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Review I had my doubts whether any game could live up to the amount of hype seen surrounding Mass Effect 3’s release. I shouldn't have been concerned though, I love it. The twisting compelling narrative; the authentic character interaction; the seamless integration of cut scenes and action and, last but definitely not least, the awe- …
Lucy Orr, 09 Mar 2012
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Dubai cuts ribbon on world's tallest building

Dubai is trumpeting the completion of the Burj Dubai - the world's tallest building, whose 800-plus metres took five years, 12,000 labourers and an estimated $1.5bn to construct. The exact height of the structure will not be revealed until an official ceremony, when the emirate's ruler Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum will …
Lester Haines, 04 Jan 2010
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony PlayStation Vita

Review Reg Hardware Mobile Week The PlaySation Vita is Sony's latest attempt to take portable gaming to new heights, and it finally hit UK shelves last week. With quad-core smartphones waiting in the wings and gaming apps aplenty, the company's refreshed PSP has its work cut out. Sony PSP Vita Tap to play Fortunately, the PS Vita …
Caleb Cox, 27 Feb 2012
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Boffins turn Bunsen burners on Frank Skinner

"Science isn’t fun. It’s just maths in fancy dress," wrote TV presenter Frank Skinner in the Times on Friday, and it's earned a gentle rebuke from the Royal Society of Chemistry's chief executive Richard Pike. The RCS caustically calls Skinner a "comedian" only between inverted commas*. But Pike says he may be onto something. …
Andrew Orlowski, 05 May 2010
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US mainstream media is Apple's bee-atch

A year-long survey has shown that Apple is the mainstream media's darling, and that coverage of the glories of the digital wonderland edged out stories about its seamy underbelly. "[Apple] attracted more coverage from the mainstream press than any other technology company — and the bulk of it was positive," concludes a study by …
Rik Myslewski, 27 Sep 2010
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Read-only nation: can Open Source change the British way?

Workshop We asked if open-source software had a part to play in increasing technological innovation in the UK. It seems that for a nation with such a great engineering heritage, we have too easily passed the tech leadership flag over to the US and to the emerging economies. Steve George from Canonical speculated that open-source software …
Lucy Sherriff, 21 May 2011
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Is iPhone data collection legal?

According to Gizmodo (and many others), it’s “no big” deal that Google, Microsoft and Apple are collecting location data from mobile devices. Its reasoning is that although all three companies’ mobile device operating systems – IOS, Android and Windows Phone – collect both GPS coordinates and WiFi base station data, and although …
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Brit science vessel probes hot cleft for weird lifeforms

British boffins aboard the Royal Research Ship James Cook in the Caribbean say they have discovered the world's deepest known "black smoker" - a hot spring deep in the sunless oceanic abyss, home to bizarre organisms which may be brother to alien lifeforms on other worlds. "Seeing the world's deepest black-smoker vents looming …
Lewis Page, 12 Apr 2010

So you wanna be a Wall Street techie? Or anyway, get paid a lot

For at least a couple of decades now, if you’ve been a technologist and wanted to get paid as highly as possible for your work, there’s been pretty much only one place to go: the financial industry. meeting_room_empty_chair Have a seat, chum... we'll be in shortly to pick up the questionnaire on the syntax of complicated and …
Dave Mandl, 19 Jun 2012

Tengu - the PC pal

If you’re in need of some conversation, but the missus is doing the washing up, then how would you feel about chatting to a PC-based buddy? Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Tengu is just that - well, sort of. The 70 x 40 x 10mm USB-powered gadget sits on your desktop and responds to sound stimuli …
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

The 500 year archive

Prepare to be amazed. It is the year 1514 and you are resident in a town in south west France where you might work as a carpenter. Your house and your work room has no electricity, no running water, and no glass in the windows. You cannot read and write beyond the marks you use on wood in your work. There are no books in your …
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2010
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Five Reasons to be cheerful about Nokia-Microsoft

Elopocalypse, Day Six: The Nokia-Microsoft deal has by now been thoroughly flogged to death analysed from every quarter, with much of the emphasis on the risks and the negatives. Yet there are some positives. Here is a selection, ranging from the flippant to the frivolous. 5. Dave Stewart Will No Longer Be An Agent of Change …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Feb 2011
Doctor Who: Return to Earth

Doctor Who: Return to Earth

Review Doctor Who has not fared well on Planet Videogame. So many titles been merely mediocre or just plain crap, often barely connected to the TV series and pumped out by publishers keen to cash in on the brand with minimal effort. Doctor Who: Return to Earth Silver nemesis There are a few exceptions, most notably Admiral Software' …
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2010
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Comet Lulin poses for NASA's Swift

Comet Lulin will over the next couple of nights be visible to the naked eye as it approaches to within 38m miles of Earth, although sky gazers shouldn't expect to see more than a "fuzzball". NASA's Swift Gamma-ray Explorer satellite has been keeping an eye on the object, discovered in 2007 by Ye Quanzhi and Lin Chi-Sheng from …
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2009
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Spotify's music manager makeover - does it work?

Last week, Spotify announced perhaps the biggest overhaul to its service since its launch. It has taken several days to roll out and is very interesting. Most of the attention in early reports was on one technical feature: the ability to sync music with Apple's iPods and iPhones. But it is as interesting for the new commercial …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 May 2011
Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

Review After spending six years on the waiting list for Gran Turismo 5, new owners might be surprised to find that the pristine Bugatti Veyron 16.4 they thought they had ordered has rolled off the forecourt more like a cut 'n' shut. Gran Turismo 5 Straight into the lead For those unfamiliar with the term, a cut 'n' shut is the …
Andrew Bailey, 03 Dec 2010
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EC falls out with UK over nuclear waste

The European Commission yesterday accused the UK government of failing to tell Brussels how it disposes nuclear waste. And it is threatening legal proceedings unless it gets a satisfactory reply from London. Member states of the Euratom Treaty must provide general data relating to the disposal of radioactive waste. The European …
Robin Lettice, 14 Oct 2004
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NASA's Kepler dazzles with first pics in new-Earth hunt

NASA's Kepler space telescope has sent home the first images of the starry patch of sky where it will soon begin the hunt for Earth-like planets. The first snaps show Kepler's entire field of view, a 100-square-degree portion of the sky in the Cygnus-Lyra region of the Milky Way, roughly equivalent to the size of two side-by- …
Austin Modine, 16 Apr 2009
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Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque

Forth Worth police earlier this week slapped the cuffs on a 21-year-old music biz wannabe who decided the best way to raise some venture capital was to cash a dodgy cheque for $360bn, NBC 5 reports. Charles Ray Fuller Charles Ray Fuller (pictured), of Crowley, made his move at a branch of Chase Bank with said cheque made out to …
Lester Haines, 01 May 2008
Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2

Review Apart from porn and the Total War series, why would anyone own a PC? Shogun 2 coming out, best get down to Akihabara’s Yodobashi Camera and spend some hard earned cash on a graphics card update – couldn't resist the ATI PowerColor 6950 2GB – time to watch my frame rate soar. Total War: Shogun 2 Marshing on Real time strategy …
Lucy Orr, 01 Apr 2011
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Come celebrate the web...

Two items arrived in our inbox today. In one, we're invited to tug our forelocks in awe at the World Wide Web this weekend. Scheduled for Saturday, OneWebDay is "a global day to celebrate online life" - and why not? We're invited to film our ritualistic songs of praise to network technology, which has permitted us to express …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Sep 2007
Asus NX90

Asus NX90Jq 18.4in Core i7 laptop

Review I first encountered Bang & Olufsen in my teens. A friend’s father had a Beocenter music system, which we fledgling audiophiles were, of course, both in awe of and barred from touching. The sleek lines, matt black controls and aluminium panels of that and other early B&O systems instantly sprang to mind when glancing upon the …
Michael Burns, 13 Jan 2011
LaCie Rugged USB 3.0

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 portable hard drive

Review Although it has been said that it won't become mainstream until it is officially adopted by Intel in 2011, USB 3.0 - aka SuperSpeed USB - is steadily emerging from the shadows with more and more manufacturers bringing support for the protocol to the eager masses. LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Shock and awe: LaCie's Rugged USB 3.0 has …
Shaun Dormon, 19 May 2010
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A grim day for browser security at hacker contest

CanSecWest Internet browser security took a beating during Day 1 of an annual hacking competition, with Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox all being felled in a matter of hours. The uncontested champion of the contest was a University of Oldenburg, master's candidate, who managed to fell Safari, IE 8 and …
Dan Goodin, 19 Mar 2009
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US space outfit promises The Right Stuff experience

Brave souls looking for "The Right Stuff experience" can now buy tickets for a sub-orbital jaunt aboard the XCOR Lynx for a modest $95,000. The Lynx suborbital vehicle. Pic: XCOR XCOR has inked a deal with Arizona-based RocketShip Tours, which will handle Lynx bookings and has already taken a $20k deposit from its first …
Lester Haines, 04 Dec 2008

Intel fires up 45nm laptop chip assault

Intel has kicked an already down AMD by celebrating the arrival of 16 new chips across its laptop, PC and server lines. The fresh chip dump marks the arrival of Intel's first laptop chips manufactured with a 45nm process that allows for faster, more energy efficient products. Intel CEO Paul Otellini emphasized the mobile strike …
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jan 2008
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MOAB and the pain ray - Iraq's war-missing wonder weapons

Five years ago, as we hurtled unstoppably towards war with Iraq, I was busy with an alternative weekly column called "Weapon of the Week." At the time journalists were being fed - and in general, were happily eating - a stream of marketing for the weapons and ideas that would make the coming war neat and painless. Well, we know …
Intel logo teaser

Intel's 'Living Large' mantra threatens tour guide industry

IDF If last night's meal of private deer parts and caterpillar fungus had not gone down so well, we might have struggled to digest Intel's latest slogan – "Carry small, Live large." Yes indeed, Intel marched out a new marketing directive here at IDF China, hoping to woo the local crowd with its Western fluffery prowess. You can …
Ashlee Vance, 01 Apr 2008
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Dutch anti-piracy unit targets ISPs

The Dutch Protection Rights Entertainment Industry Netherlands (BREIN) has launched its largest round of lawsuits yet targeting 42 individuals suspected of illegally swapping copyrighted music. However, in order to identify the song swappers, BREIN will sue five Dutch ISPs who so far have rigorously refused to co-operate. Eight …
Jan Libbenga, 12 May 2005
server room

UK pulls in Cray for nuke testing

Brits can all sleep easier in their beds now that the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment has handed over £20m for a shiny new Cray XT3 super computer. The AWE said the 40 teraflops box of tricks will be used for a range of jobs such as “weapons physics, materials science and engineering” which will “underpin our continued …
Team Register, 26 Jan 2006
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Aussies cry foul on giant Colonel Sanders

Aliens take note: reader Gordon Milne has written in to point out that the Aussies actually created the world's biggest logo years before KFC decided it was a good idea to plonk a 65,000-square-foot Colonel Sanders mosaic in the Nevada desert. Yes indeed, look on in awe and wonder at DownUnder's 3.2km-long Readymix monster: …
Lester Haines, 24 Nov 2006