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Tesla was a bright spark

The Bong Diaries, Pt.94: Bowie, Martha... and where's my knighthood?

¡Bong! “Here in my Car. I can only receive I can listen to you It keeps me stable for days In Cars" - David Bowie and Brian Eno: “My Life in a Bush of Ghosts” Jan 1st Grand Cayman I scan the New Year’s Honours with some dismay. Previous years have been studded with digital recognition. Past recipients have included an MBE …
Steve Bong, 15 Jan 2016
Andrew Morton, 17 Carnations: The Windsors, the Nazis and the Cover-Up book cover

17 Carnations, The Art of Creative Thinking and Last Night on Earth

Page File El Reg bookworm Mark Diston looks at literature's latest with biographer Andrew Morton's take on our estranged royals' relationship with Adolf and his pals. University lecturer Rod Judkins compiles a book brimming with ideas to boost creativity and Kevin Maher's second novel has an Anglo-Irish, pre-millennium theme combined with …
Mark Diston, 11 Apr 2015
Mickey Mouse watch. Pic: Joe Haupt

Intel's cheap and Android's free: Not any more, says TAG Heuer

(Comparatively) inexpensive Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer has chummed up with ad giant Google and silicon goliath Intel to launch a luxury smartwatch powered by a Chipzilla chipset and running Android Wear. Google is evidently keen to join Apple and Microsoft in digging like a truffle-hog into the market for wearable, …

Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition

Facebook is building an anti-social network which will ban ordinary people and only allow celebrities beyond its virtual velvet rope. Zuck's advertising empire is reportedly working on a "VIP app" that non-famous people - whom Elizabeth Hurley once famously described as "civilians" - will not be allowed to use. Sources told All …
Jasper Hamill, 15 Aug 2013
HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ea Ultrabook

Review: HP Spectre XT TouchSmart

El Reg looked at HP's 13in Spectre XT Ultrabook in October last year and liked it a lot. What you're looking at here, then, is a meatier version with a bigger display, touchscreen support, more ports and the inevitable Windows 8. I like it a lot. HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ea Ultrabook It looks absolutely nothing like …
Alistair Dabbs, 11 Feb 2013
Members of Poland's Ruch Palikota protest their country's signing of ACTA

'ACTA is dead,' says Europe's digital doyenne

The European Commission's VP for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has signaled that the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is dead, and the world's copyright industry will have to change to suit people, rather than vice versa. "We have recently seen how many thousands of people are willing to protest against …
Iain Thomson, 07 May 2012
LG Prada 3.0 design sheet

LG runs up third-gen Prada phone

Fashionistas, take note: LG will be releasing a third-generation Prada-branded smartphone early in 2012. Expect a minimalist black handset and a monochrome interface if the previous Prada phones are anything to go by. LG Prada 3.0 design sheet LG says the Prada 3.0's predecessors sported "avant garde" technology, but in …
Hard Reg, 24 Nov 2011

Acquisitive reseller plots 'buy and build' trajectory

The boss at acquisitive software reseller and managed service provider m-hance claims the Microsoft mid-market channel is ripe for consolidation. Mark Thompson was brought on board as CEO by Fiona Timothy, chairman at Calyx – acquired by Better Capital in September 2010 – having previously worked together in the management team …
Paul Kunert, 02 Nov 2011

Calyx owner Better Capital stages reseller roll-up

Private equity house Better Capital has merged seven specialist mid-market software resellers under the m-hance brand with a single management team. Microsoft ERP and CRM dealer Gyrosoft, the hosting and software development biz at MentecPlus and the mid-market client list from MS Dynamics and Sage dealers Sys-Care and Avant- …
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2011
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This year's comedy Xmas No. 1 contender: Silent song 4'33"

A motley crew of musicians backed by a Facebook campaign are plotting to hijack the poor beleaguered Christmas number one with a four-minute recording of silence. Following last year's triumphant, internet-bolstered, telly-talent-compo-orthodoxy-upending ascendance of the gleefully inappropriate and profanity-sprinkled Killing …
Sarah Bee, 03 Dec 2010
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Swiss watch auctioned for £3.76m

A private Swiss museum has stumped a cool 6.26m Swiss francs (£3.76m) for a "unique" Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph watch, which now has the honour of being the most expensive yellow gold watch ever to sell at auction. The Patek Philippe watch sold yesterday According to Christie's, the 1943-44 timepiece ( …
Lester Haines, 12 May 2010
LaCie d2 Network

LaCie d2 Network

Review For anyone technically minded and with time to spare, there are numerous network-attached storage (NAS) solutions available at low cost. However, there is a fast-growing market for the ‘appliance’ Nas that you plug in, switch on and use straight away on your home or small office network with a minimum of configuring. The d2 …
Alistair Dabbs, 11 Jul 2009
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EMC stakes claim in IT management

EMC wants to sell you disks. And it wants you to buy VMware products to virtualize your servers. And now it wants to manage your servers, storage, and networks with a line of tools called Ionix. When EMC bought Data General back in August 1999 for $1.1bn to keep the low-end Clariion disk array business from falling into the …

IBM punts two racks, a blade, and a hybrid thingy

Nehalem Day IBM is looking for the new Nehalem EP-based servers to kick start its System x rack server and BladeCenter blade server business, which saw a steepening decline in sales as 2008 wound down. Big Blue will today announce two new rack servers, a blade server, and some configurable compute and storage nodes for its avant garde …
The Register breaking news says extreme porn isn't illegal if you delete it...

The Ministry of Justice promised to provide public guidelines to the new extreme porn legislation this week and – behold! – here they are. They have been greeted with some degree of criticism from those opposed to the legislation, on the grounds that they add little new to what was already known and fail to make matters as …
Jane Fae , 28 Nov 2008
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DARPA wargamer calls for US X-Men superplane fleet

A prominent US wargames and military crazytech expert has called for the Obama administration to build a large fleet of X-Men style stealth transport planes, able to deliver America's secret elite forces anywhere in the world regardless of the local government's wishes. Robert Martinage, a senior wonk at the CSBA thinktank in …
Lewis Page, 21 Nov 2008
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US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) secret military forces are receiving their first robotic whisper-mode helicopters, according to reports. The plan is for the you-never-saw-us-we-aren't-even-here brigade to receive a ten-strong fleet of Boeing A160T "Hummingbird" droid kill-choppers, under an extended demonstration …
Lewis Page, 11 Nov 2008
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Unmanned Aerial Manhood outrage at Kasparov rally

Politicians in Western countries talk a lot about the contribution technology can make to politics, but they're generally on about quite limited ideas like video debates. In Russia, some activists are much more avant garde - seeking to make their (unspecified) point by the use of a remote-controlled flying penis fitted with …
Lewis Page, 20 May 2008
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Lancashire plodcopters in laser dazzle outrage outbreak

It now appears that laser-pointer pilot dazzle attacks have joined the hilarious satnav-inspired motoring blunder as a staple of news kibble, with the global presentational-aid-related airborne blinding epidemic now devastating the skies above Lancashire. The BBC reports that the latest ocular outrage occurred last night above …
Lewis Page, 08 May 2008
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Sydney skies menaced by deadly raygun disco-ball

Most readers will be aware by now of the recent spate of laser-pointer yobbo dazzle harassment attacks on aircraft in Australia. Now, however, aviators above Sydney are being threatened by a new brand of malefactor - municipally-funded modern artists. It seems that Sydney traffic-chopper reporter Vic Larusso fell victim to the …
Lewis Page, 24 Apr 2008
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FTC lists 2007's top consumer frauds

For the seventh year in a row, identity theft is the number one complaint reported to the US Federal Trade Commission. Americans reported 20 per cent more cases of consumer fraud in 2007 over the previous year, with nearly a third of the 813,899 complaints related to stealing personal data. The FTC released its latest damage …
Austin Modine, 13 Feb 2008
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Graphene breakthrough threatens silicon's chip glory

For years graphene has proved a cruel temptress for the semiconductor avant garde. The material - a layer of carbon atoms grouped in the ever popular honeycomb lattice - promised major performance gains over silicon. The problem with the stuff, however, has been arranging it in a large enough layer to replicate the 8- to 12-inch …
Ashlee Vance, 20 Dec 2007

Nokia sheds light on Prism fashion phone

Nokia fans worldwide will now be paying closer attention to the vendor from all angles, following the unveiling of its latest handset, the 7500 Prism, at a fashion show in China this week. Nokia_7500_Prism Nokia's Prism: diamond life? The "avant-garde" handset features a two-megapixel camera; DVD quality video playback; …
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2007
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NASA appeals to science nuts, dancehall ravers

Maybe it was a shared love of science that lit the faces of those attending the NASA party commemorating the first human spaceflight. But maybe it was just the alcohol and freaky-deeky psychedelic light shows. It's hard to tell when you're blotto. On Friday, NASA opened up a hanger at the Ames Research Center in Mountain View …
Austin Modine, 16 Apr 2007

Windows for Warships nears frontline service

Analysis Everyone knows the differences between Windows and other operating systems. Steve Jobs has recently spent colossal sums telling us that most malware is written for Windows; also that using Windows is no fun and, even worse, seems to involve wearing a tie. Those acquainted with the more foam-lipped Linux fanciers will also be …
Lewis Page, 26 Feb 2007

LG bags Prada for luxury phone fling

LG is to launch an "avant garde" Prada-branded mobile phone early next year, the company has revealed. LG's not saying much about the handset, beyond the fact it will incorporate an "advanced touch interface" to "eliminate the conventional keypad". That and all the other PR fluff about "the best in style and performance", how …
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Next generation BI

Comment I was asked recently to consider what would be required for a next generation BI solution. Never one to shirk a challenge, here are some thoughts. The key is at the user level. First, accessing data and reports needs to be simpler: you and I may be au fait with making selections from hierarchies, but lots of people aren't. Tree …
Philip Howard, 30 Jun 2006
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Circling the wagons: the net politics of exclusion

Election 2004 Here's a fable. In summer 2004, a vacancy comes up in a London office, and the manager sets about recruiting. He interviews a blue man and a green man. The blue man has impeccable qualifications and very good experience. The green man’s qualifications are weak, and he is under-experienced - but he's witty and he gets on well …
William Davies, 08 Nov 2004
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Back in the Bloghouse

Opinion Blogs are almost as old as the web, and I'm sure they'll survive anything. In recent weeks - three years into the blogging phenomenon - they've been discovered by the mainstream inkies, and just as rapidly, pronounced to be on the decline. But I'm beginning to wonder if Blogs can survive their own triumphalism. The Blogwaggon …
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2002
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Sun peeks through clouds with new storage

ComputerWire: IT Industry Intelligence Sun Microsystems Inc' storage business had a good day yesterday - the first in three to four years of what have been abysmal times for the division, Tim Stammers writes. The company announced new models for its flagship T3 storage arrays that at last match the competition in terms of …
ComputerWire, 07 Feb 2002