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New Zealand Auction site Wheedle apologises for being down

Security mess sends Kiwi auction site titsup in two days

A New Zealand auction website has shut after just a day, thanks to IT professionals who noticed extraordinarily relaxed security operations. The site in question is, which currently says “unforeseen technical problems “have “postponed further activity on the website.” Postp0wned may be a more accurate term, as …
Simon Sharwood, 05 Oct 2012

OFT hammers auction sites on consumer info

Auction websites are being forced to change the way they show users what their consumer rights are. After discussions with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), eBay, along with QXL, eBid and Tazbar, will include advice and links to external sites to explain to bidders what their rights are under the Distance Selling Regulations ( …
John Oates, 15 Nov 2007
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Beware auction sites, says Citizens Advice

The UK's leading consumer advice charity is warning punters to be careful when buying goods over internet auction sites after seeing a sharp rise in the number of people who've been ripped off by unscrupulous traders. Citizens Advice (CAB) says that people who use auction sites such as eBay have "very little protection" since …
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2005
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eBay auction fraudster jailed for four years

An Oregon man who auctioned counterfeit Adobe software on eBay under a variety of false identities has been jailed for four years. Jeremiah Mondello, 23, of Eugene, Oregon, was also sentenced to a further three years on probation following his release and 130 hours of community service a year for three years at a sentencing …
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008

US software pirate fined $210K for auction sales

A US man has been fined $210,000 for selling illegal copies of software through internet auction sites. Matthew Miller of Newark, Delaware, was hit with $195K in damages and $15K in legal fees by US District Judge Susan Illston in the case brought in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Miller sold …
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2009
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Beware the auction sites –

The DTI has issued a warning to consumers to tread carefully when purchasing through auction sites Internet bargains that seem too good to be true". Here is a tale of woe, supplied by the DTI: A consumer from Normanby, Lancashire paid £1770 through an internet auction site for a 42-inch plasma screen TV. He had an email …
Drew Cullen, 06 Jan 2004
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Yahoo! Europe! to! can! auction! ops!

Yahoo! is to close a number of its European auction sites within the next six weeks as part of its plan to make more money. Yahoo!'s auction sites in the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are to be folded and replaced by services run by eBay instead. The two Internet giants have also signed an advertising deal …
Tim Richardson, 23 May 2002

Win XP holdouts storm eBay and licence brokers, hiss: Give us all your Windows 7

PC users are scouring auction sites and licence brokers to obtain copies of Windows 7 for their upgrades to Windows XP, rather than buying Windows 8. Sales of Windows 7 on eBay have more than doubled during the last seven months as people scramble to beat Microsoft’s 8 April cut-off for Windows XP support. Anybody running …
Gavin Clarke, 17 Mar 2014
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Site aims to quash auction fraud

Small business fraud buster Early Warning is targeting auction scams with the launch of a new website. - which goes live 15 March - offers fraud screening for auction site users, allowing registered users to search a live database of fraud data. Each fraud search costs 50p. Registered users can also add …
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2005
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eBay, Yahoo pull spam auction

Yahoo and eBay have pulled an offer to sell a 20,000-name mailing list of US investors from their auction sites. Direct-marketing firm Market Logisitics offered the list which includes names, email addresses and telephone numbers. The two companies pulled the item off their auction sites saying that it violated their terms of …
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Aug 2000
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‘Serial ID thieves’ banned from auction sites

A US Federal Court last week imposed an order prohibiting two alleged ID fraudsters from taking part in Internet auctions. The duo was also ordered to pay more than $93,000 in compensation to consumers at the end of a civil case brought by US consumer watchdogs. James B. Thompson and Susan B. Germek allegedly used stolen …
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2004
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Man charged with laptop auction fraud

A man has been charged with five counts of theft related to the allegedly fraudulent sale of HP laptops through online auction sites QXL and eBay. Robert James Knight, 31, of the Erdington area of Birmingham, was charged with theft by Avon and Somerset police on Wednesday, and released on conditional bail. Knight is due to …
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2002
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eBay buys Indian auction site

eBay is buying India's biggest auction site,, for $50m and some post-acquisition costs. Based in Mumbai, has one million registered users, who flog stuff just like they do on eBay. India lags far behind China in Internet numbers - just 17 million people are online, according to IDC. But it is a growth …
Drew Cullen, 23 Jun 2004
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Yahoo! returns! to! the! auction! biz!

Only months after shutting down five European auction sites, Yahoo! said it will develop co-branded auction sites in Scandinavia with QXL Ricardo. The deal with QXL Ricardo to establish the sites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark follows Yahoo!'s decision in May shut down its auction sites in the UK and Ireland, Germany, France, …
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SIAA sues auction site pirates

The Software and Information Industry (SIAA) has filed lawsuits against two alleged software pirates which auctioned their goods online. The suits against Michael Chu, California, and Julian Kish, Chicago, were filed yesterday by the SIAA on behalf of Adobe, Macromedia and Alias/Wavefront - a division of Silicon Graphics. They …
Linda Harrison, 26 Jan 2001
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Grifter jailed for Mac auction fraud

A conniving conwoman who ripped off an estimated $880,000 from almost 350 victims through online auction fraud was sent to jail for four years and nine months this week. Teresa Smith, 25, of Massachusetts, USA, posed as legitimate businesswoman selling Apple computers on auction sites such as eBay for 18 months before she was …
John Leyden, 11 Apr 2003
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Baltic cyber bank burglars cop hefty porridge spell

A trio of cybercrooks that used malware to carry out electronic banking fraud have been jailed. Pavel Cyganok and Ilja Zakrevski, from Lithuania and Estonia respectively, were arrested by detectives from the Met's Police Central eCrime Unit after a tip-off from their counterparts in Estonia. Cyganok was convicted and sentenced …
John Leyden, 02 Jul 2012
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BSA swoops on auction site pirate

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Trading Standards launched a dawn raid on a software pirate last week and came up trumps. Ten of thousands of pounds of pirated software and records relating to their sale on online auction sites were found. Run with military precision, the operation was mounted after a tip off from two …
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000
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Sun's 600MHz workstations to be available by auction only

Sun CEO and chairman Scott McNealy has come up with a novel way of flogging his low-end Sun Blade 1000 workstations. Punters will be able to get the 600MHz machines, based on UltraSPARC III technology and launched today, only by bidding on auction Website eBay. And as a gimmick to kick off the offer, McNealy will personally …
Linda Harrison, 28 Sep 2000
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Auction software pirate signs public confession

A US software pirate who used online auctions to tout his wares has been forced into making a public signed confession by the SIIA. Julian Kish said he was "very sorry" for what he had done, adding that he had been "in a financially bad position and I thought I could make a quick buck". In a Stalinist Great Purge type of …
Linda Harrison, 09 Feb 2001
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Yahoo! auction revamp: racism out, charges in

Yahoo! is revamping its popular and controversial auction service, removing offensive and racist material altogether and introducing a scale of fees for those that wish to sell an item. The obvious connection to draw is that Yahoo's hand was forced by the recent French court action regarding Nazi memorabilia. That ended with …
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jan 2001
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ISP outcry halts cybercops' automatic .UK takedown plan

Plans to allow Blighty cops to "switch off" websites used by criminals have been delayed following pressure from internet firms and campaigners, who claimed such a move would hamper freedom of expression online. "We had hoped to submit a proposed policy to the [Nominet] Board in December, but following some recent public …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Nov 2011
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Who'd buy a fake battery?

The Intellectual Property Office's IP Crime Group issued its annual report yesterday, and it highlights some jaw-dropping rip-offs. A gang in Hackney used "high-tech equipment" to crank out 1.3m litres of counterfeit vodka, enough to buy them penthouse apartments. A less ambitious operation churning out hand-rolling tobacco was …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Aug 2011
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'Leccy-stealing, grid-crippling hackers could TAKE DOWN EV-juicing systems

Hack in the Box Hackers may soon starting abusing electric car charger systems to cripple the electricity grid or as part of money-making scams, a security researcher warns. Ofer Shezaf, product manager security solutions at HP ArcSight, told delegates at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam that if the industry fails to start securing …
John Leyden, 18 Apr 2013
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Crap computers in a crap box: Smart-meter blackouts risk to UK

Analysis You'd be forgiven for thinking this is the plot of a Saturday night BBC2 drama: hackers tinkering with smart electricity meters deliberately cut the power to whole neighbourhoods. But, according to a UK computer security biz, weak authentication checks and a lack of other security controls on said equipment could allow just that …
John Leyden, 30 Apr 2013
hands waving dollar bills in the air pummelled over purported piracy permissiveness

UPDATED has come under fire for failing to quickly clamp down on an alleged seller of pirated Microsoft software. An IT consultant advised SME clients to order copies of Office 2003 Professional but says that on arrival it was apparent they were not legit: there was no holographic strip on the COA sticker, it had a fake VBA …
Paul Kunert, 07 Jun 2011
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Chinese Kindles hop firewall to freedom

Kindle users in China are able to surf the internet unimpeded by the Great Firewall, as the authorities have yet to recognise the threat the e-book reader represents. The Kindle isn't officially available in China yet, though grey imports are bought and sold on local auction sites. Once activated, it has emerged, the Kindle's " …
Bill Ray, 03 Nov 2010
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Everquest class action threat over auction spat

EverQuest players who tried to sell characters or in-game items, only to have their online auctions cancelled, are being invited to join a class action law suit against publisher Sony, writes Andrew Smith. A web site set up to announce the suit, which also targets developers Verant, eBay and "any other service" which has …
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Microsoft warns customers against bogus 'Blue Edition' Office

Microsoft has today filed 63 lawsuits against online auctioneers in 12 countries who allegedly sold pirated copies of MS software on sites including its own MSN shopping network. The company said the number of counterfeit Microsoft goods sold online was getting out of hand. “Dishonest auctioneers are too often using these …
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Dec 2008
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Legal attack dogs chase software pirates from eBay

Adobe and Symantec have unleashed legal attack dogs on nine individuals accused of selling pirated software on eBay. The lawsuits, filed in US District Court in the Northern District of California, are the biggest round filed to date by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). They're part of the SIIA's Auction …
Dan Goodin, 14 Feb 2008

Trade body doubles efforts against pirate software

Anti-piracy lobby group the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has more than doubled the number of 'take down' notices it issues to stop the distribution of pirated software. The BSA uses its own systems to track the sale of illegal software on auction sites and its distribution through peer to peer (P2P) file sharing. "In the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Oct 2009
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Microsoft hunts pirate auctioneers

In brief Microsoft is cracking down on software pirates who hawk their wares through online auction sites. Redmond has filed eight lawsuits in the US against sellers it claims sold counterfeit MS software via eBay. The company said it became aware of seven of the alleged pirates through customer submissions to its Windows Genuine …
Team Register, 16 Mar 2006
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Crooks pitch World Cup scams after group draw

Cybercrooks have begun punting World Cup ticket and HD TV viewing scams as a successor to earlier lottery-based cons. The revision of earlier fraud follows the final draw for the 2010 World Cup last Friday. Now, in addition to the opportunity to "claim cash prizes" in a draw by South African Football Association they have never …
John Leyden, 09 Dec 2009
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Blind gamer sues Sony

A sight-impaired gamer is taking various branches of Sony to court for failing to make their games accessible enough to disabled gamers. Alexander Stern filed his suit in California at the end of last month. He claims that Sony Entertainment and Sony Corporation of America is failing to do enough to follow the US Disability Act …
John Oates, 09 Nov 2009
Pirates ahoy!

Microsoft fires broadside of writs at China pirates

Microsoft has fired off more than 50 lawsuits in its ongoing fight against counterfeit software. The firm said yesterday that it had targeted global online auction sites in its latest punch-up with pirates who flog dodgy copies of Microsoft apps. It filed 52 lawsuits and referred 22 cases to local cop shops in 22 countries …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Dec 2007

Microsoft goes for eBay pirates

Microsoft is taking legal action against 55 people for selling counterfeit software via the web and online auction sites like eBay. The company said many of those feeling the lawyers' wrath today had already received written warnings and cease and desist letters. Microsoft is taking action against 15 people in the US, 10 in …
John Oates, 31 Oct 2006
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SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) today filed suit (pdf) in California against eight people for "knowingly selling illegal copies" of Adobe software on eBay. eBay has a woeful record in keeping dodgy dealers at bay, so ambushing suspect merchants is a sensible tactic for the software industry. The SIIA says …
Drew Cullen, 20 Mar 2008
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eBay breaks bread with luxury goods firms

eBay is to pow-wow with luxury goods manufacturers which want the online tat bazaar to better police sales of fraudulent merchandise. The meeting, held in London on 28 July, brings together lawyers from eBay, along with representatives of luxury goods association the Walpole Group, which counts in its membership shoemaker Jimmy …
John Leyden, 21 Jul 2008
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Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket

Chinese crackers have reportedly cracked the iTunes gift card system. The hack has spawned an active trade in counterfeit but functional iTunes vouchers on Chinese auction sites, such as As the trade has grown over the last six months or so prices have fallen from around $47 for a $200 card to 18RMB ($2.60). Music …
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2009
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iPhones grease eBay's quarter

eBay today reported a 50 per cent increase in net profit, with its Marketplace, PayPal, and Skype businesses all showing growth. For the quarter ending June 30, the auction king's Marketplace revenues totaled $1.29bn, representing a growth rate of 26 per cent, while PayPal revenues reached $454m, a 34 per cent increase. And …
Cade Metz, 18 Jul 2007

Shops caught out in underage videogame sales sting

Several High Street stores have been named and shamed for selling 18-rated videogames to a 15-year-old underage girl during an undercover operation by Harrow Trading Standards and consumer advocate Which?. The girl was enough pocket money to try to buy games from nine shops, including HMV, Debenhams, Currys Digital, Tesco and …
James Sherwood, 24 Jun 2008
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eBay UK trading to hit £4bn

Trading on eBay UK is likely to hit £4bn this year - equivalent to 1.3 per cent of all UK retail sales, the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) has predicted. And all of this ecommerce action could represent a £3,000 per annum boost for the average UK household, the CEBR told the BBC. In all, more than 50,000 Brits …
Lester Haines, 15 Aug 2005
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French union demands eBay blocks fakes pre-emptively

An industrial lobby in France is seeking damages from eBay to compensate for the site's sales of counterfeit goods. The Union of Manufacturers (Unifab) is to complain to prosecutors and seek compensation for its members. The union told news agency Reuters that it believed eBay was not doing enough to combat sales of fake goods …
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Aug 2006
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Amazon in BSA anti-piracy love in

The Business Software Alliance has issued an anti-piracy code of practice for Internet auction sites and has awarded its first merit certificate to goody two-shoes "It is always a deep honor to be recognized for the thing we care about most - the customer experience," gushes Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith, who's …
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2000

eBay software pirates stump up $100,000

Two eBay traders agreed this week to pay a total of $100,000 in damages after they were caught selling illegal copies of Norton security software. The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), working on behalf of its member companies, settled the case against Kevin Liu and GT Tian who also agreed to stop selling …
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Nov 2006
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Five in slammer over iTunes/eBay card-laundry caper

Five UK residents were jailed on Friday over a conspiracy to launder money using iTunes gift vouchers. The gang used stolen credit card details to buy vouchers which they sold at a discount via eBay and other auction sites. Suhail Tufail, 35, of Rochdale, Lancashire, masterminded the scheme which was estimated to have involved …
John Leyden, 17 May 2010
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IE-only sites 'useful as chocolate teapot'

Letters This week you have mostly been getting upset about web designers and their occasional reluctance to design browser independent sites. The particular site that has you up in arms is a new IT brokerage site, which says it aims to put contractors in touch with contracts. All you need to do is register. Except that it turns out that …
Lucy Sherriff, 04 May 2005
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Cops warn of internet fraud

Police are warning punters to be on their guard against internet scams after seeing a spike in complaints from victims ripped off by crooks. In particular, cops are concerned at the increasing number of people snared by "phishing" scams that appear to be genuine requests for personal and banking details from well known sites …
Tim Richardson, 29 Mar 2005

Everything you ever wanted to know about Xbox hacking

Analysis Hacking and phishing threats that PC users have suffered for years are now becoming part and parcel of the online gaming experience for users of Microsoft's Xbox console. Chris Boyd (AKA PaperGhost) - who recently joined Sunbelt Software as a security researcher and is a long-time dedicated gamer - has studied the growth of …
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2010

Symantec claws $100k from Calif. eBay pirates

Two eBay traders agreed this week to pay $100,000 in damages after they were caught selling illegal copies of Norton security software. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), working on behalf of its member companies, settled the case against Kevin Liu and GT Tian who also agreed to stop selling illegal …
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Nov 2006