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Cisco looks to LoRaWAN for IoT device connectivity

Cisco has anointed another industry alliance into its Internet of Things embrace, with LoRaWAN The company's added a LoRaWAN-capable gateway to its sprawling product set, a decision that its global marketing and corp comms veep Doug Webster explains lets service providers create networks of low-powered sensors – “devices and …

I could spoof Globalstar satellite messages, boasts infosec bod

Black Hat 2015 Intercepting and spoofing satellite communications carried over the Globalstar network is possible with modest technical skills and an investment of just $1,000, according to new research due to be unveiled at Black Hat. Globalstar is downplaying the threat, stating that its system isn’t getting hacked. Globalstar's consumer- …
John Leyden, 05 Aug 2015
How to track her indoors

In a mall at the weekend? WORSE STILL, are you LOST?

A new indoor positioning system has been unveiled by Bluetooth grandees Cambridge Silicon Radio. The system consists of Android middleware which gives access to a database of indoor positions. While GPS works pretty well when it has a good view of the sky, indoor positioning is more of a challenge. The new SiRFusion library …
Simon Rockman, 21 Nov 2014
Cloud security

Let cloud apps manage your systems – if you have nothing to hide

There are a growing number of cloud-based security and systems management (CSSM) applications available to consumers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and I am ambivalent about their use. On the one hand, I am not fan of things cloudy, especially where they involves trusting US-based companies*. On the other hand, …
Trevor Pott, 12 Jun 2014

Nokia: What to do with our euro BEELLIONS... Eh, let's spaff some on connected cars

Nokia has just announced that one of the things it is going to do with its newly acquired money mountain is to invest $100m of it (€71.7m, £58.9m) in connected cars. This is a bit of a change of heart for the Finnish firm, which six years ago sold its automotive business to the German VC Novero. But these are different times …
Simon Rockman, 06 May 2014

Review: GFI Cloud eliminates need to nursemaid Windows

How do you take care of a network's worth of PCs if you are short of time and resources? Recently, I have been looking at the kinds of tools that systems administrators need and have come to the conclusion that for those who are time-poor and overworked, GFI Cloud ticks several of the important boxes. The purpose of GFI Cloud …
Trevor Pott, 06 May 2014

Zebra grazes Motorola Solutions' enterprise business for $US3.45bn

Motorola Solutions has offloaded its enterprise business to Zebra Technologies for $US3.45 billion in cash. Motorola’s enterprise business offers all manner of kit for asset tracking and communications inside warehouses, during field service engagements and in odd spots like oil rigs. Its product range also includes Wi-Fi kit. …
Simon Sharwood, 16 Apr 2014

GFI LanGuard 2014: Go on. Find my weaknesses and point them out

Review GFI has launched GFI LanGuard 2014, version 11.2 of its well-tested vulnerability scanning software. I have used LanGuard since 2001, when version 2.0 was released. It has been an invaluable tool in my sysadmin's toolkit and I am curious to see how the software has evolved over the past 13 years. The basic purpose hasn't …
Trevor Pott, 17 Mar 2014

Dell takes aim at iPad, uncloaks enterprise-level Win8 tablet

MWC 2013 Dell has updated its Windows 8 tablet line, and in doing so has juiced the industry's increasing realization that fondleslabs are here to stay, belong in the enterprise, require enterprise-level security features, and are not just for playing Angry Birds. "At Dell, we have – unequivocally – the most secure, most manageable, …
Rik Myslewski, 25 Feb 2013
Pebble Pebble E Ink watch

Time has already run out for smart watches

It's been a big year for smart watches. First, rumours that Apple glanced at its wrist and imagined what an iWatch might look like hit the web. This week at CES Toshiba showed off a smart watch, as did a clutch of aspiring watchmakers like Cookoo, Martian and I'm Watch. Then the long-awaited Pebble watch with ePaper for a face …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jan 2013
The Register breaking news works on YET ANOTHER open-source push

TransferSummit Yet another government definition for the term "open standards" is incoming because the Home Office isn't satisfied with the current wording of its so-called Action Plan. The department's IT wonk Tariq Rashid confirmed at an open source forum in Oxford yesterday that the government had been "lobbying against" the current …
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Sep 2011

Numara Software blows asset tracking trumpet

Comment Numara Software has released a report whose findings, it argues, demonstrate a need for more use of asset management software by IT professionals. The case being made is that IT budgets have been static or reduced over the past couple of years and this cost constraint is likely to continue, meaning IT departments must make …
Chris Mellor, 02 Jul 2010
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HP slips Intel's desktop Cores into biz laptops

With plenty of laptops in the business world ranging in age from five to eight years old, Hewlett-Packard is rubbing its hands together. It anticipates a big upgrade cycle in 2010 among commercial PC users whose companies might just be ready to give them a reasonable machine on which to do work, despite the weak economy. While …
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iPhone gets NFC hook-up

iPhone owners lamenting the lack of NFC capability can now plug in the iCarte from Wireless Dynamics, providing short-range wireless at the cost of a little extra length. Those who can't wait for the next iPhone, or believe Apple lacks the nerve to fit Near Field Communications internally, now have the option of plugging NFC …
Bill Ray, 19 Nov 2009
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IBM parks beta cloud on development and test servers

IBM on Thursday kicked off a free public beta of a new cloud computing development and test environment that's hosted on Big Blue's machines. The company also added new tools and services made special for testing cloud-based apps in a private cloud. IBM Smart Business Development and Test on IBM Cloud (yes, they put the company …
Austin Modine, 05 Nov 2009
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Auditors slam MoD over failure to keep track of radios

Government auditors have accused military planners of running wasteful and inefficient systems that have cost taxpayers millions. A report from the National Audit Office said the Ministry of Defence was unable to account for £155m earmarked for a radio communications system for British troop in Afghanistan. MoD officials told …
John Leyden, 21 Jul 2009

GPS tracking slapped on laptop recovery service

Absolute Software has added GPS tracking to its laptop theft-recovery and asset-tracking service. This will allow asset managers to track laptops to within 10 metres. The technology will also speed recovery of missing or stolen computers, being easier to use than previous IP address-based tracking technology. The technology …
John Leyden, 08 Aug 2008
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M2M jumps beyond the line

Mobile Workshop Much debate about the use of wireless technology in business tends to revolve around providing mobile and remote workers with access to central systems of one kind or another. The growing popularity of notebook data cards and handheld email devices among professionals is probably the most obvious illustration of this, though …
Dale Vile, 02 Oct 2007

BOFH: Chilling the bearings

Episode 30 "So what are we looking at here?" the PFY says as the Boss humps a desktop machine into Mission Control. "It's dead," the Boss says, tapping the cover of the machine gently. "Dead as in DEAD or dead as in it's not booting properly?" "I... it's not booting properly." "Right then, slap her on the desk and I'll have a gander …
Simon Travaglia, 31 Aug 2007
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Real time location systems are the new buzz in RFID

A new acronym is being banded around the RFID world - that of RTLS. What is a real time location system (RTLS)? The simplest definition I have come across is that it is a system of finding the position of assets using active RFID tags. The tags broadcast a signal, which is received by three reader antennas. The time each signal …
Simon Holloway, 21 Aug 2007

It's a long way from Cupertino to Roswell, but we'll get there

For those of you who may have missed it, a Cupertino-based company called Apple launched a mobile phone in the US last Friday and sold an awful lot of them over the weekend. It would be hard to miss the iPhone, of course, because it seemed not a single story about mobile phones has gone by without a reference to it - at last …
Billy MacInnes, 05 Jul 2007
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Waste computer edict finally hits UK

The long-awaited Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive finally comes into force on Sunday, 1 July. Under the European directive, which came into UK law in January 2007, businesses will be expected to fully comply to ensure the safe, environmentally sound disposal of electronic and electrical waste. Hefty …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2007
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Foundry launches high density WLANs

Foundry Networks has launched wireless Lan (WLAN) access points and software to help increase the capacity and security of enterprise wireless networks, and has added a new location management offering. This combination is aimed to help run services such as VoIP and location tracking on a single 802.11 infrastructure. Foundry' …
Wireless Watch, 26 Mar 2007

EC should extend privacy regs to RFID, says bar code chief

The organization which runs the bar code systems has backed the extension of EU privacy rules to cover RFID technologies. EC commissioner Viviane Reding earlier this month launched a consultation on RFID, saying that while there was a level of hysteria over the technology’s perceived threat to privacy she was prepared to extend …
Joe Fay, 22 Mar 2006

Cisco preps Wi-Fi tracking kit

Cisco has announced a wireless tracking appliance designed to allow organisations to monitor the location of devices - or people - within a wireless local area network. The Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance, scheduled to ship in June 2005, uses technology acquired when Cisco bought wireless switch start-up Airespace …
John Leyden, 05 May 2005

On Novell and Tally

Comment In recent years Novell has quietly built up its ZENworks systems management capabilities. Last week, the company made public another significant advance in ZENworks when it announced that a definitive agreement to acquire Tally Systems Corp. The significance of this moVe should not be underestimated. Tally Systems is one of …
Tony Lock, 30 Mar 2005
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Irish take cover under Bluetooth umbrella

Next time you want to communicate electronically and it rains, just bring your Bluetooth-enabled umbrella. At least in Ireland, where a Trinity College project called is exploring the idea of ad-hoc networks to connect people in urban space. The Irish researchers say they want to examine how unpredictable patterns …
Jan Libbenga, 02 Sep 2004

BOFH, The Boss and Operational Euphemisms

Episode 7 BOFH 2003: Episode 7 BOFH logo ORDINARILY, I am not one to counsel The Boss in times of mental torment. To be honest, I see my role more as a FACILITATOR of torment, but this time I'm going have to break my informal rules and find out what's upsetting him. This could be an unwise choice, but sometimes a good turn needs to be …
Simon Travaglia, 01 May 2003
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Intel Processor Serial Number Q&A for OEMs

The following Q&A document was sent to Intel OEMs on March 5th, 1999 to provide answers to user and press questions on PSN. Processor Serial Number Q&A for OEMs March 3, 1999 Prepared by Howard High Background Intel has briefed press, industry analysts, privacy organizations, and government agencies about a new feature of the …
Andrew Thomas, 04 May 2000