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Facebook open-sources city-wide WiGig internet comms, phone masts

Facebook's quest to connect the remaining four billion people on the planet without internet access up to Facebook the web is a huge task. On Thursday, Facebook showed off its open-source telecommunications tech that it hopes will get unconnected folks connected, and give those of us already on the internet a smoother ride. …
Iain Thomson, 14 Apr 2016

Cray descends to midrange HPC shops with baby XC30 supers

Supercomputer maker Cray had been hinting that it would deliver a new cut-down version of its "Cascade" XC30 system, and the machine is being unveiled on Tuesday at the Cray User Group meeting in Napa Valley, California. The XC30-AC machines go into more standard cabinets like those used with the XE5 and XE6 predecessors to …
cray cascade mountain

Cray beats out SGI at German HPC consortium

The Höchstleistungsrechnen is going to have a different brand name and architecture on it at the Norddeutschem Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen (HLRN) supercomputing alliance in Northern Germany, now that Cray has beat out SGI for a big bad box that will have a peak theoretical performance in excess of 2 petaflops …
The XC30 supercomputer, formerly known as Cascade

Cray scales to over 100 petaflops with 'Cascade' XC30 behemoth

Hot on the heels of the delivery of the 20-plus petaflops "Titan" CPU-GPU hybrid supercomputer to Oak Ridge National Laboratory last week, Cray has launched what is unquestionably a much better machine, the long-awaited "Cascade" system developed in conjunction with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and sporting …
Intel fabric logo

Intel hints at weaving network fabric into Xeons, Atoms

IDF 2012 If it wasn't immediately obvious to you, Intel thinks the future of the systems business is weaving interconnection fabrics onto server processors - thus consolidating yet another component of the data center onto the processor and bringing to bear Chipzilla's wafer etching process advantages on that unified chip. And, if Intel …

Cray bags $21m Cascade super deal down under

Supercomputer maker Cray has bagged a $21m contract to supply the Perth, Australia, Pawsey Centre for supercomputing which will be used to run simulations for geology, life sciences, and nanotechnology research, as well as support radio-astronomy workloads that are the organization's main work. The contract was awarded to Cray …
Cat 5 cable

Cray notches another XE6-Cascades super deal

Cray's future "Cascade" family of supercomputers, which sport a new interconnect and means of linking into processors and coprocessors, are not even fully developed yet and the company has inked another deal for one of the boxes. After Wall Street closed for business on Tuesday, Cray said that Kyoto University will install an …

Cray notches another XE6 super sale

Cray is getting traction with its XE6 supercomputers, launched this past May summer and first shipped at the end of July. The University of Stuttgart – which has a bunch of scalar and vector systems from IBM and NEC, as well as some hybrid machines and a baby Cray XT5m – is moving into Cray systems in a big way. The university …
Flag United Kingdom

Savastore becomes, er, Saverstore

UK-based has quietly re-opened its doors with a slightly different blink-and-you'll-miss-it name of Watford Electronics, which ran, was acquired by Globally Ltd in February this year, at which point the website closed down with a message promising customers that service would be …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Apr 2007

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