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Wholesaler swallows VADition whole

Distie veterans Neil Ledger and Ian Morris have flogged VADition to fellow security and networking wholesaler Exclusive Networks Group for an undisclosed sum. A sale of the Hampshire-based business follows on from French-owned Exclusive's acquisition of security distributor Arc Technology in 2009. "This is a strategic …
Paul Kunert, 30 Jun 2011
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Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

Like to sing along to something as you cook dinner? Know this - the humble kitchen radio is about to be obliterated by the mighty Media Phone, with embedded specialist Arc bidding to become its default platform. While the OS platforms for mobile phones and small cheap computers are the subject of fierce debate, the choice of …
Bill Ray, 4 Jun 2009
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Nokia pays 8 2* years' royalties in advance

Nokia has paid €264m for outright ownership of Symbian, which sounds like a lot until you realise that's about what the Finnish giant will owe in royalty payments over the next 8 2* years, so the question becomes not why they bought Symbian, but why they are letting everyone else share the goodies. It's hard to make money …
Bill Ray, 25 Jun 2008

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