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Reg launches Chrome-o-drome

Round-up It's got to be the most exciting event in science since Thomas Edison electrocuted elephants in order to try and discredit Nikola Tesla! It's like finding a Cornish-speaking Flores Hobbit nurturing a Higgs boson particle behind an invisible garden shed! It's [get on with it - Ed]... Yes, it's Chrome, the browser by Google, and …
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Police told: Delete old criminal records

The Information Tribunal has told five police forces to remove old, minor criminal records from their databases. Some of the cases date back 30 years. They include a person under 18 who was fined £15 for stealing a 99p packet of meat in 1984; a girl under 14 cautioned for a minor assault who was told her record would not be …
John Oates, 22 Jul 2008
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Street View spycar prowls Inverness

Hot on the heels of reader Ziad al-Hasso's clocking of Google's Street View spycar in London, Scott MacLeod brings us chilling evidence of the search monolith's ambitions to expose the entire UK to international scrutiny: The Street View spycar spied in Inverness The vehicle in question was snapped around two weeks ago in …
Lester Haines, 8 Jul 2008
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HP's Hurd points out flat and spotty US in Q3

HP boss Mark Hurd sketched out a "flattish" picture of the US market, but confirmed the company was seeing worldwide growth as he aired third quarter earnings yesterday. Hurd also offered a couple of crumbs of detail on his ambitions for EDS – once the services giant has been borged by HP – and gave Wall Street analysts a …
Joe Fay, 21 May 2008

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