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Tablet-types drive demand for all-in-one desktop PCs

More than a third of desktop computer sales in Britain are all-in-one machines, up from a quarter during the first half of the year. So says local market-watcher GfK, which noted a sudden jump in over-the-counter sales of AIOs in August and September. AIOs grew by 27.4 per cent in sales value, driven by a 6.5 per cent …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2013

OK - who just bought a biz PC? Oh wait, none of you did

A revival in fortunes for desktop makers evaporated this summer as shipments across Western Europe collapsed. In each country across the region, sales out through distributors declined in July and August compared to the same months a year earlier. The latest stats show Finland reported the steepest decline, down nearly 23 per …
Paul Kunert, 2 Oct 2012
The Register breaking news

Apple demonstrates how to do touchscreen desktops

Here's a sign that Apple is not only thinking seriously about touchscreen iMacs, but that it has a rather smarter view of the technology than its rivals. A just-discovered patent application - kudos to Patently Apple - shows not a touchscreen machine per se but a clever stand designed to make using a touchscreen desktop all-in …
Tony Smith, 24 Aug 2010
Shuttle X50V2

Shuttle gets a handle on all-in-one touchscreen PCs

Shuttle has revamped its Atom-based all-in-one touchscreen PC design, equipping the DIY computer with a skinny, 36mm-thick case and a handle to carry it around. The X50V2 currently ships in a "barebone" configuration, which means it lacks storage, memory and an operating system. Shuttle X50V2 Shuttle's X50V2: pret a porter …
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2010

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