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OCZ refunds punter for dud drive shortly after El Reg steps in

OCZ promises to refund purchasers of failed solid-state drives, but at least in one case it seemed unable to do so - until Vulture Central poked its beak in. Dorothy Perry had three OCZ Agility SSDs fail over a period of about two years. The bricked flash drives wouldn't even show up in her PC's BIOS or that of another PC she …
Chris Mellor, 17 Jan 2012
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Agile development - can’t scale, won’t scale?

Reg Reader Workshop Who could fault the base principles of agility? I was recently talking to a CIO of a European telco, who was totally bought into the strategy of delivering services as fast as possible to customers. In this fickle, subscriber-based market time literally means money won or lost relative to the competition. “Agility is a business …
Jon Collins, 6 Oct 2008

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