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Can you be a strong development manager and stay agile?

On demand By the end of last week’s Regcast Agility without Anxiety, El Reg's Tim Phillips decided he could do with being a bit more agile himself. Judging by the wave of questions we had on the live broadcast agility is definitely something you are concerned with too. Mark Warren from Perforce shared the Perforce Version Management …
David Gordon, 27 Sep 2012
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OCZ refunds punter for dud drive shortly after El Reg steps in

OCZ promises to refund purchasers of failed solid-state drives, but at least in one case it seemed unable to do so - until Vulture Central poked its beak in. Dorothy Perry had three OCZ Agility SSDs fail over a period of about two years. The bricked flash drives wouldn't even show up in her PC's BIOS or that of another PC she …
Chris Mellor, 17 Jan 2012
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Agile development - can’t scale, won’t scale?

Reg Reader Workshop Who could fault the base principles of agility? I was recently talking to a CIO of a European telco, who was totally bought into the strategy of delivering services as fast as possible to customers. In this fickle, subscriber-based market time literally means money won or lost relative to the competition. “Agility is a business …
Jon Collins, 6 Oct 2008

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