CES Week 2012: Complete Coverage

Stories and more from the World's biggest consumer electronics event

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CES 2012

CES 2012 Week

The Consumer Electronics Show - CES to its friends - takes place in Las Vegas this week. It's the biggest show of its kind in the world and is the launch pad for almost all of 2012's most important technology products.

Just ahead of CES' official opening tomorrow, 10 January, Reg Hardware today starts its CES Week - seven days of dedicated coverage.

And not just news of the latest, hottest products - though there will be plenty of that - but also special App of the Week columns, plus special features and, of course, we'll be announcing the winners of our Reg Hardware Awards.

Check back here regularly - we'll be listing all our CES 2012 coverage below.

CES 2012 News


   12 January
Samsung loads Netflix onto smart TVs
LG touts tellies with cloud-gaming capabilities
   11 January
Bond Blu-ray box set marks 50 years on film
   10 January
WD updates video streamer for Netflix, iPlayer
Sony goes inorganic for 'eye popping' OLED TV rival
Samsung shows 55in OLED über-TV
   9 January
Lenovo outs Ice Cream Sarnie telly
LG: 1mm bezel on your telly, anyone?
LG to show 55in, 4mm-thick OLED TV at CES

Computers and Tablets

   13 January
Sony shows slider tablet
Seagate mulls flogging precious drives at auction
   11 January
Dell dithers over fresh fondleslabs
Dell debuts shrunken Ultrabook
   10 January
HP unveils glass-cased Ultrabook
Samsung joins Ultrabook race
Orange touts tropical tablet
   9 January
Intel ignores Steve Jobs, adds touchscreen to Ultrabook
OLPC shows off XO 3 tablet running Android or Linux
Intel demos transparent-lid hybrid PC
Asus updates netbook line with Intel, AMD chippery
Elgato readies Thunderbolt-fed external SSD
Acer unveils 'world's thinnest' Ultrabook
Lenovo primed with keyboard-connectable tablet
Acer intros skinny 15in notebook
CES outing for 'world's thinnest' tablet, Ultrabook, says Toshiba
LG preps '14in screen in 13in chassis' Ultrabook

Smartphones and Mobility

   13 January
Nokia partners with EA in major WinPho game push
Micro-mech chips to free phones from 'grip of death'
   12 January
Imagination uncloaks 'over 20X faster' smartphone GPU
   11 January
RIM demos PlayBook OS2
Sony slips out strap-on Android aid
   10 January
Samsung: 'We'll nick Nokia's global mobe crown this year'
Sony shows off NXT-generation smartphone
Nokia sheds light on latest Lumia
   9 January
Huawei uncloaks sleek, slim, sexy smartphones
Sony outs Xperia Ion
Phone maker punts AA-powered blower
LG calls up 720p IPS screen smartphone for Verizon
AR app brings aid to tailgaters
iPhone demand strong months after 4S release
Sony Ericsson hints at major CES product launch


   12 January
IK caters for mobile musicians with iOS peripherals
   11 January
Griffin plugs Midi for iPad musos
Parrot puts on headphone gesture gadgetry
   10 January
Android-powered goggles bring virtual reality closer
Panasonic pitches portable Skype screen
Microsoft schedules Kinect for Windows launch
Powerline Ethernet group posts 1Gb/s spec
   9 January
Ion refreshes arcade cabinet for iOS
Parrot takes flight with next-gen quadricopter
Ubuntu hoists skirt, flashes 'concept' gadget at CES

Car Tech

   12 January
Toyota teases next-gen Prius styling
Honda NSX reborn as a hybrid
Vauxhall prices up Ampera e-car for Blighty
   10 January
VW catches electric Beetle
Tesla 300-mile e-car UK Debut set for 2103
   9 January
Ford unwraps '2013 Mondeo'


   12 January
Fujifilm unveils X-Pro1 APS-C compact system camera
   11 January
Polaroid develops Android camera combo
   9 January
Canon focuses on compact snapper spruce-up

Odds and Sods

   12 January
Top techs preview CES 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017...
   10 January
Opera's new store beams HTML5 apps into tellies
   9 January
Ubuntu Linux shop reveals 'TV for human beings'
802.11n Wi-Fi uploaded to SD card spec
1TB USB stick shoved into Swiss Army penknife
75 wirelessly charged devices will demo at CES

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