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Developers: Your chance to get hands on with Microsoft Azure

Fancy a work-related day out in London?

By David Gordon

Posted in Software, 29th May 2014 11:00 GMT

Promo Microsoft’s Cloud Camp, an all-day event, is taking place in Victoria, central London on 2 June. Event and registration details for this free of charge training day are here.

Here’s the drill:

You’ve probably heard of Microsoft Azure but not done anything with it. Maybe you’ve seen a few demos at an event or an online video. Maybe you’ve even got as far as trying the introductory lab in the freely downloadable training kit. But now you are at the stage of wanting to get on-ramp and kick-start your learning of this technology: to get some hands-on experience of what it’s like to create Web, Mobile and Enterprise applications with Microsoft Azure.

If you just want to get over that initial hump of learning a new technology in the most efficient way, this free one-day, structured-learning, hands-on camp is for you.

That registration page again for you is here.

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