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Revealed: EMC's SECRET XtremIO briefing doc that tries to snap Violin Memory’s strings

Violin veep: 'We're honoured they like to write about us'

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Storage, 13th November 2013 11:45 GMT

The Register has seen an anti-Violin Memory briefing note from the XtremIO side of EMC and it pulls no punches, admitting “Violin … is XtremIO’s #1 competitor in the all-flash storage market” - before listing a set of awkward points to help push it off that perch.

The so-called Battle Card was publicly available on a dark corner of EMC's website but access is now denied. We got ourselves a copy while it was still open and here's what EMC says as it gets down and dirty with Violin:

EMC positioning of XtremIO against Violin 6000 model

The document also lists a set of embarrassing questions XtremIO prospects are encouraged to ask Violin channel reps:

Violin's corporate marketing veep, Matt Barletta, said there were inaccuracies in the EMC document. "As to its accuracy – we hope every Sales Rep and SE memorises it," and referred to the above extract: "This is most evident in mixed read/write workloads. XtremIO does not garbage collect SSDs and has no performance penalty. We are curious on where these magical SSDs that don't have to do garbage collection come from."

Barletta also mentions that the XtremIO VMware reference architecture has two battery backup devices required and asks: "I hadn't seen the battery slots reported on….. Wonder why they need them?"

The EMC doc is dated July 2012. Violin’s 6264 array came out in August this year and that would probably affect EMC's XtremIO model positioning versus Violin.

Violin Memory's latest quarterly results are due out on 21 November and the combination of these, with EMC's competitive onslaught, could affect Violin's stock price. It has disappointingly slid to $6.00 since its immediate IPO aftermath peak of $7.85 at the beginning of October.

But Violin is sanguine for the moment; Barletta's parting shot at EMC was, "We are honoured they like to write about us." ®