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Australia's alternative NBN plan: some taxpayer-friendly questions

Puncturing political promises with practicalities

By Richard Chirgwin and Simon Sharwood

Posted in Policy, 10th April 2013 23:45 GMT

Last Tuesday, Australia's coalition announced its alternative national broadband network (NBN) plan, offering fibre to the node as the dominant mode of delivery.

The plan appears comprehensive, but like any such document, it doesn't answer every conceivable question.

With an election fewer than six months away, El Reg's Sydney desk has had a lash at a few lines of questioning we think could usefully be answered as Australia's taxpayers try to consider the new plan and the government alternative. We're chasing up a few, and have left off a couple we think might make for good stories all by themselves. For now, here's what we'd like answered. Do you have questions too?

Without any further ado:

We imagine you may have some questions, too. Do let us know what they are and we'll see if we can get them answered. ®