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Biz network shows HALF of Nimbus Data's staffers left in 1 year

But sink-or-swim policy might just work for 'NAS storage pizza box' firm

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Storage, 22nd January 2013 08:33 GMT

Startup Nimbus Data has endured an exodus of recently hired executives as well as a high level of staff turnover. But the storage firm maintains that it's a high-growth company and staff have to succeed or depart.

The company, founded in 2006 to sell Breeze unified iSCSI and NAS storage "pizzaboxes" running its Halo software, introduced the S-Class all-flash storage arrays in 2010, followed by the E-Class and Gemini all-flash arrays, running updated HALO software.

In April 2010, Nimbus said it was a 30-person firm, with 95 per cent of staffers being engineers.

But a check on the LinkedIn website after a tip-off from an insider shows 14 staff members left Nimbus between the start of 2012 and now, with many of them leaving after just a few months in the company. The Register has chosen not to name the staffers involved as none of them were prepared to talk on record to us about Nimbus Data, or even talk to us at all.

Sources in the wider reseller and analyst community confirmed some of the departures.

Further LinkedIn checks showed current Nimbus staffers - at least those with accounts on the biz network - numbered 18, down on the 30 mentioned in 2010. Going on the LinkedIn numbers, Nimbus appears to have lost 44 per cent of its staff in just 13 months.

On being asked about these points, Nimbus did not deny any of the numbers we sent it. Business development manager Brittani Neff said:

We opened UK operations with 6 full-time people and recruited Adrian Burch as Managing Director of EMEA.

The thing to know about Nimbus Data is that we are a metrics-driven bottom-line minded company. This is how we have built a profitable company with industry-leading technology, something no other flash startup has accomplished. We have accomplished this by regularly beating companies who claim $100 million in financing but have technology that is not up to par with Nimbus Data and are they are unprofitable.

Being metrics-driven means that those individuals that are not successful at Nimbus Data are not retained; those that are successful are promoted. This is how we have achieved 9 straight quarters of profit growth, on top of the 20x revenue growth over the past 2 years.

She added: "Nimbus Data’s growth is accelerating and the company is at its highest point in its history. Last year’s revenue was 400 per cent higher than the prior year and profitability grew as well."

The Nimbus HR mantra seems to be shape up or ship out. It appears to be a very tightly run ship indeed, with the CEO, Tom Isakovich, having a hands-on management style, but then Nimbus Data has had no external, venture capital funding at all and operates a self-funded business model. ®