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Children increasingly named after Apple products

The fanboi doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh, Mac?

By Anna Leach

Posted in Bootnotes, 3rd December 2012 13:05 GMT

Not only are the kids desperately keen to get Apple products, their parents are also naming them after Apple products - we learn from the latest yearly analysis of baby names.

The moniker Apple, though still an unusual choice, rose 15 percent for girls, vaulting a whopping 585 spots. For boys, the name Mac jumped 12 percent. And parents sure like the sound of Siri: The company's voice-enabled personal assistant climbed 5 percent on the list of girl names.

What if little Mac grows up and just wants to run Linux? Or Siri wants to become an Android Developer? They'll both be mocked relentlessly and have whole areas of the world shut off to them because of their ridiculous parents.

Or they'll change their names. ®