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Ubisoft forgets to ship activation codes for music game

Cock-up stops rock-up

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 23rd October 2012 12:53 GMT

Whoops. Ubisoft has shipped a number of European copies of Rocksmith for PC without activation codes.

The omission was, of course, a blunder. However, gamers affected by the codes' absence have still been struck by Ubi's strict security and asked to provide a clear digital image of purchase receipts.

Hordes of affected punters expressed their frustration in the Ubisoft forums before being directed to a support page for instructions on how to obtain their codes.


Don't fret

This latest error will do little to improve the sour taste that remains after Ubisoft's role in a bitter DRM debacle.

Fortunately, the company said it will give affected customers free downloadable content, with instant access to all Rocksmith mini-games, by way of an apology. ®