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Titanic storage wrestlers grapple in summer frenzy

Keep up at the back there

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Storage, 23rd August 2012 09:39 GMT

This week is turning out to be a massive raft of storage news. Ready for the deluge? Here we go:

In the flash galaxy, astronomers have discovered a Micron cluster formed from little flashes of light:

There was also news from the Marvell, cluster which is now orbiting the SanDisk star:

The Toshiba star is shining brighter and has new flash and disk planets in orbit. It has three PX-Series enterprise SSDs: the PX02SM uses 24nm eMLC flash, comes in 200GB, 400GB, 800GB and 1.6TB capacities, and has a dual-port 12Gbit/s SAS interface.

LSI is trying to form its own cluster:

Peering deep into gaseous clouds, astronomers found the Nutanix compute-and-storage scale-out cluster star was accelerating its formation, having received a huge infusion of hot gases, $33m, taking total funding to $71m. It's going to expand sales and marketing, double up its research and development efforts, and also boost support. Nutanix has shipped 150 systems, has 100 employees to date, and uses both disks and Fusion-io flash in its boxes.

In the ZFS galaxy Nexenta announced an all-flash SkySAN system from Raidundant achieved 1 million IOPS doing random reads. The box is 3U high, interfaces to servers across 40Gbit/s Ethernet and uses STEC ZeusIOPS SSDs. It should ship in the autumn.

Astronomers also discovered things about disc world:

Back on Planet Earth:

There we have it: flash is flashing faster and brighter, speeding servers with caching software, replacing storage arrays or boosting their performance with SSD tiering. Disk-based cloud archives are attacking the last bastion of tape. Low-end unified storage arrays are getting Atom-powered and delivering more storage functionality bangs-per-buck.

Just another day in storage and there will be more to come in the next day or so: think HDS, NexGen and Pure Storage. It just keeps on coming. ®