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Speaking in Tech: Did Yahoo! suddenly get ... interesting?

Plus: Post-Katrina IT culture in New Orleans

By Team Register

Posted in Networks, 18th July 2012 17:04 GMT


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Host Greg Knieriemen – sans trusty sidekicks Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela – brings you a piping hot, brand spanking-new podcast wrapping up all the latest in enterprise tech in an easy-to-digest chat with a squirt of social media, lettuce optional.

This week he chats to Christina Weil, district director at network support firm Centre Technologies, about The Big Easy, Yahoo!'s new CEO, cloud computing and more.

Yahoo! shocks everyone, lands Google’s Marissa Mayer as CEO

GigaOm: EMC and VMware to spin off CloudFoundry?

Dell Acquires Quest

Post-Katrina disaster recovery in New Orleans

Google Nexus 7 arrives

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