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Amazon Android App Store to invade Europe

Temptations for developers

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 21st June 2012 11:37 GMT

Amazon will bring its Android App Store to Europe, tempting more developers to jump on board with a new revenue split, an easier submission process and a pledge to waive annual fees.

The Amazon Android App Store will expand its reach to the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, with more countries planned following an initial rollout later this summer, the company revealed in its blog.

Amazon Android App Store

Amazon says that from July 2012, developers will earn 70 per cent of the list price on each app sale and will be able to time their app submissions easier, choosing dates for when their software becomes available and differing distribution and list price for each country's marketplace.

All apps already produced will be made available for sale internationally by default. ®