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Gamers, test your 1990s knowledge

Chiptune challenge

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 12th June 2012 10:54 GMT

Are you a fan of 90s-era gaming, and are you already bored of the 9-5 churn and in need of desperate distraction? Well here's something to keep you busy in your tea break.

The Nineties Game Quiz - from Kongregate user Saybox - asks participants to name 93 pieces of music, each from a classic 90s videogame. If stuck, there are a limited number of hints which reveal a screenshot of the game in question.

Ninteties Game Quiz

Each question is packed with trivial details about the game as well, unlocked when the name is revealed.

I had a quick go and despite still being a nipper when many of these games were released, was surprised at how many I could remember. Post your high scores in the comments below, if you can handle the nostalgia. ®