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Raspberry Pi gets snappy with camera add-on

Say cheese

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 21st May 2012 10:59 GMT

While the the Raspberry Pi foundation continues to struggle to meet the demand for its £16 Linux machine, it has already revealed improvements. The latest: a prototype camera add-on.

Raspberry Pi camera module

The peripheral plugs onto the CSI pins found in the middle of each Raspberry Pi board by means of a ribbon cable.

Although the version on show packs a 14Mp sensor, the organisation says this may have to be downgraded to keep things über affordable when the module ships later this year.

Raspberry Pi camera module

So there's no word on pricing yet, just an array of smily prototype pics on the Raspberry Pi blog, which talks up the add-on's potential for robotics and home automation applications.

Unfortunately, it might not fit too well in your custom Raspberry Pi fag packet, though. ®