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From the Department of WTF: New USB tampon flash drive

Thieves will probably give it a miss

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Storage, 23rd April 2012 09:23 GMT

There's not much to say about this one. It's a flash drive... and it looks like a tampon.

Presumably the idea is that it will be ignored if a thief rifles through your backpack, handbag or briefcase.

USB tampon

Tampon-shaped USB stick

The company flogging it has a taste for the bad pun... so prepare for the worst if you point your browser to the Meninos website.

The jokesters selling the gadget are pushing three versions:

Finger USB tampon

Prices start from $29.90. Whatever next? A flash drive that looks like a condom (with enhanced data "protection")? Enough already. ®