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Unlock the business value of your information

Information management initiatives that work for you

By Miatta Momoh

Posted in Site News, 18th April 2012 13:30 GMT

On demand What are the benefits and costs involved in unlocking the business value of the information held within your organisation? In Jon Collins and a panel of experts set out to explore this question in a lovely little Regcast.

Unlock the business value of your information is now available on demand.

This is what the panel discussed

Freeform Dynamics's Tony Lock surveyed the highlights of some Reg Reader Research, which revealed some of the BI management pressures you face, what imperatives are working, and what can be done better.

Tom Zebedee, head of OFSTED’s Infrastructure, shared his experiences for measuring and managing BI success and Chris Smyth from Parity Solutions added practical tips based on the big trends in information management.

More show notes

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