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Google finally secures gmail.de domain

German trademark dispute ends after eight years

By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor

Posted in Policy, 17th April 2012 03:11 GMT

After an eight year fight, Google has secured the domain gmail.de.

German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch has used the domain for years. In 2006 the search giant offered Giersch € 250,000 for the domain, but he did not accept.

The matter went to court and a decision by Deutsches Patent und Markenamnt decided the domain belonged in Google's hands and ordered a transfer from G-mail GmbH of Berlin to Google Inc of Mountain View.

Google isn't operating the domain yet and has not announced its intentions. Nor have any details of a possible settlement been made public.

But Giersch has moved. His service now operates at and under the name of Quabb at quabb.com. ®