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TalkTalk takes broadband to 80Mbps

High fibre gobbles

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Broadband, 13th March 2012 14:13 GMT

TalkTalk has doubled its broadband speed, offering customers up to 80Mbps through a new fibre optic setup.

For an additional £15 per month, the telco will double a punter's maximum download rate from the 40Mbps introduced last year to a whopping 80Mbps. The peak upload speed is 20Mbps, TalkTalk said.

Punters considering making the jump to the new service can register their interest in TalkTalk's Super Fibre Optic Broadband from today.

To check whether the 80Mbps broadband service is available in your area, check TalkTalk;s fibre website and enter your postode. The full service will roll out from early April. ®