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DLNA blesses HomePlug Ethernet-over-mains tech

Stream your content over power lines

By Tony Smith

Posted in Networks, 13th March 2012 11:43 GMT

The Digital Living Network Alliance, the organisation behind the DLNA media streaming standard, has given the thumbs-up to powerline networking.

The DLNA said it likes HomePlug powerline technology in particular, and will add the specification to its device interoperability guidelines, which are due to be revised shortly.

Unsurprisingly, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, the group that oversees HomePlug compliance, was chuffed with the DLNA's declaration, but since DLNA runs agnostically over any wireless or wired Ethernet link, the fact that some of that cabling may be routed over mains wiring is arguably irrelevant.

DLNA would run as well over a G.hn link, a powerline technology alternative to HomePlug that's being promoted by the HomeGrid Alliance. ®