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Dead gamer sat unnoticed for nine hours in net cafe

Stiff competition

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 3rd February 2012 18:07 GMT

A Taiwanese gamer sat dead in a chair at an Internet cafe for up to nine hours before fellow players noticed the poor guy had popped his clogs.

Chen Rong-yu, 23, was discovered lifeless by his computer on Thursday night, his rigid hands stretched towards the keyboard and mouse, Sky News reports.

The unfortunate gamer had been bashing away at the popular League of Legends surrounded by 30 surfers. Not one of them noticed his lack of movement.

The gamer's family told local papers he had recently been treated for a heart problem. Cardiac arrest brought on by low temperatures and a lack of physical movement is likely to be the cause of death.

Sometimes it helps to have twitchy leg syndrome. ®