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WD updates video streamer for Netflix, iPlayer

Fresh firmware brings IPTV services aboard

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 10th January 2012 16:01 GMT

CES 2012

Western Digital has updated its WD TV Live set-top box firmware to support not only BBC iPlayer but also Netflix.

WD TV Live video streamer set-top box

Netflix kicked off its UK video streaming service yesterday. The jury is still out on whether it offers a better option than the likes of Amazon's Lovefilm and Tesco's Blinkbox.

However, there can be few Brits who don't relish the idea of watching iPlayer on a TV, especially when relatively few sets have the service already built in. Some tellies from Sony and Samsung do, for instance.

WD TV Live video streamer set-top box

The WD TV Live is already available and costs £120. The fresh firmware will be posted imminently. ®