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Samsung imagines see-through bendy tablet of the future

Dream OLED

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 6th December 2011 11:40 GMT

Yes, it'll be many a year before we're all running around the globe, unfolding our transparent OLED mobile internet devices - which will seemingly operate without batteries and circuitry - and gaining useful local knowledge through a mix of mobile broadband, augmented reality and 3D.

But, hey, who's to say Samsung, which suggests such a MID-tastic future in the following OLED promo video, hasn't got exactly that tucked up its sleeve?

Beat that, Apple.

Samsung is dead keen on OLED - and bendy OLEDs to boot. Not so long ago, it teased us with the notion of flexible smartphones, the screens for which it is looking to introduce sometime in 2012. ®