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Infographic: The road to desktop virtualisation

We're on a road to somewhere

By Phil Mitchell

Posted in Data Centre, 6th December 2011 13:30 GMT

So much been said over the years about desktop virtualisation, so many claims, so much noise, so much clutter.

Let us to bring some clarity to the proceeding with a cunning diagram that demonstrates the familiar options, the uptake, some of the challenges - and we've even sprinkled it with some top drawer advice from our experts.

The numbers all come from research we've done with you, dear reader, so it should be as straight from the horses' mouths as you can get.

Driving Virtualisation

That's the thumbnail. You can see this infographic in full here. ®


We're new to this infographic lark. Give us your feedback - if enough of you find it useful we'll do some more.