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Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab Android 3.2 update

Wi-Fi only tablet loses... Wi-Fi

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 16th November 2011 08:59 GMT

Samsung has yanked the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update it posted last night for the Wi-Fi only version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1in after it quickly emerged that the software disables Wi-Fi.

Certainly, that's happened to a fair few folk who did perform the update before the software was pulled. That said, not everyone appears to have been affected by the glitch.

Deleting Wi-Fi settings and using a static IP address appears to fix the problem.

Other woes include broken Bluetooth, video playback issues, disabled screen rotation and syncing trouble with Samsung's Kies app, according to posters on various Android forums.

As yet there's no word from Samsung as to when the (fixed) 3.2 update will be released. ®