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Intel out to add NFC payment tech to Ultrabooks

Tap your card on your laptop to pay

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 14th November 2011 11:42 GMT

Intel wants to build contactless payment tech into Ultrabooks.

The chip giant today announced a partnership with MasterCard to work on bringing the credit card company's tap-to-pay PayPass system to PCs.

The idea is clear: order something on the web then pay for it by tapping your PayPass-enabled credit card or NFC-equipped smartphone on the logo-marked area on the laptop's wrist rest.

Intel's security chip tech makes sure the purchases is all above board.

No need to key your card's details in - so nothing for keyboard or screen watchers to lock on to - and no need to rely on card data saved by the merchant that could be exposed in a hack.

Alas, neither Intel or MasterCard said when all this might happen. ®