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Now Barracuda bitten by Thai disk drought disaster

Killer floods push up prices

By Chris Mellor

Posted in The Channel, 14th November 2011 16:46 GMT

The deadly floods that wrecked electronic component factories in Thailand are sending Barracuda disk drive prices rocketing.

We're told a 3TB Seagate Barracuda XT priced £171.95 ($274) on 22 September from eBuyer now costs £289.99 ($462), £118.04 ($188) more. Ouch! That's a 68 per cent price rise.

A Reg reader says the rate of price inflation on that works out at roughly 9 per cent per week or about 9,000 per cent compound per year. A scant consolation is that it's a saving of £60.01 on an earlier £350 list price. ®