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Apple offers unlocked iPhone 4S online in the US

No carrier tie-in

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 11th November 2011 16:14 GMT

Apple has begun selling unlocked iPhones through its US online shop.

Prices range from $649 (£406) for the 16GB model to $849 (£531) for the 64GB 4S. That's a lot, yes, but can work out cheaper in the long run, especially if you travel overseas.

Popping over to, say, Europe with an unlocked handset means you can grab a cheap local micro Sim card a make calls for a lot less than you'll pay when roaming with your home Sim.

Apple warned that the unlocked phones won't work on CDMA networks, even though they have on-board CMDA connectivity.

Non-contract 4S handsets have been available since launch, but only through Apple's bricks'n'mortar stores. ®