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Vodafone knocks over £120 off iPhone 4S

Cheaper Apples

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 12th October 2011 10:21 GMT

Vodafone has lowered its upfront iPhone 4S fee by up to £120, in a move that brings the provider's pre-order pricing down to the level of its competitors.

The 16GB version has been lowered to £239 on the Vodafone's most inexpensive price plan, a drop of £120. It's down £80 to £359 for the 32GB version, and a £70 shaving has taken the 64GB one down to £449.

iPhone 4S

When we update our iPhone 4S contract comparison tables, we see the new prices are much more competitive, although Vodafone still remains the most expensive provider. Just not by as much.

For the company's full roster of updated price-plans, have a look on Vodafone's iPhone 4S website. ®