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Lovefilm debuts movie streaming app

Takes the flicks to the iPad

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 29th September 2011 08:40 GMT

Disc rental and streaming service Lovefilm has uploaded a fresh iPad app that will play streamed movies.

You'll need to be a Lovefilm subscriber, of course, paying the UK's answer to Netflix at leasy £6 a month for the privilege.

Lovefilm Player for iPad iOS app

Hopefully, Lovefilm will learn from Netflix's example and not separate disc rental from streaming - a move that has proved hugely unpopular with Netflix subscribers.

Lovefilm's selection of streamable films isn't amazing, but it is improving. The selection is already available to owners of certain net-connected Sony, Samsung and LG TVs.

Lovefilm Player for iPad is available to download now for nowt from the iTunes App Store. ®