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Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

Contention ratio an issue, possibly?

By John Oates

Posted in Business, 22nd August 2011 08:26 GMT

Online tests from uswitch.com have found more "internet blackspots" in the south of England than in the north and found the quickest internet access in the UK is in Leamington Spa with download speeds of 18.665Mb/s.

The numbers come from people conducting their own tests via the comparison site's online tests and should be viewed with caution. But the company claims 400,000 lines were tested between May and July this year.

Cranbrook in Kent has the slowest download speeds of any area tested with just 1.32Mb/s. Second place is Tregaron in Wales followed by Lavant near Chichester.

Overall Kent and Sussex were the worst counties, while the average speed across the UK is 6.8Mb/s. ®